Hello lovelies, and welcome to my monthly product review for the month of May! The idea for this post was inspired by Claire Marshall who is an amazing YouTuber and blogger; she came up with the idea that she didn’t want to do a favorites video every month and decided that a monthly review of products would be more helpful for her viewers.

Coming from that idea, I wanted to put my own twist on it. Claire focuses on reviews of beauty products through her YouTube channel. Since I’m more comfortable with writing, I wanted to do my monthly product reviews on my blog and I’m not limiting myself to only beauty products. So without further ado, here’s what I liked and didn’t like for the month of May!


The first product I want to review is the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Volume Boosting Mousse. I originally purchased this item over 6 months ago because I wanted to try to add volume into my hair at the roots, but then I ended up getting bangs and I knew a product like this would probably weigh down my bangs and make them oily.

However, one day I pulled it out of my hair product collection before I curled my hair to see if it would do anything. After a few more test runs, I was in love with this product. I don’t think my hair became more voluminous, but it allowed my hair to keep a curl much longer than usual. I would definitely recommend this product who has difficulty keeping their hair curled. Overall, I would give this product an 8 out of 10.


This next product I want to review is the E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set. I didn’t really have any expectations for this product because I just wanted to try it out. I purchased this from Target for $3 and it claims to help set your makeup and keep it in place all day. I had read some reviews prior to buying this product and while some people claimed that it did help make their makeup last longer, others said all this was good for was taking away the powdery matte look that foundation and powder tends to give.

This product didn’t really work for me. I have naturally oily skin, so although it did take away the powdery look away from my foundation and powder, I feel like it made me more oily as the day went on. Thankfully my face didn’t turn into an oil slick, but I wouldn’t recommend this product to people with oily skin like mine. It might work a bit better on those with dry skin who are using more mattifying bases. Rating: 3/10


This is the Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow primer from the Fergie collection that I bought because of a recommendation from a friend. In addition to having oily skin, my eyelids are quite oily as well and I have always wanted to find an eyeshadow primer that kept my eye makeup from creasing all day. I’m still testing out this product, but so far, so good!

My eye makeup seems to last way longer with this primer than without it, so I would definitely recommend. I still have to play around with how much to apply on my eyes before applying eyeshadow and it creases in the inner corner after an especially long day, so I’ll update you guys if I can find a way to make it work for those super long days or nights. Otherwise, I love using this primer.. Rating: 8/10


My next review is on a product I never thought I would buy, or at least I wouldn’t purchase it for a few more years, but I gave in. I bought it impulsively after convincing myself that I had dark circles from all the late nights going out and doing homework. I usually don’t have to use too much of this product to lighten my eye area. I’m currently not using it, but I know it’ll definitely come in handy for when school starts again.

For the time I have used it, I feel like it gave great coverage and it didn’t crease under my eyes. I would definitely suggest it for those who do have dark circles because it does cover it up nicely and doesn’t look cakey under the eyes. I currently use the shade light. Overall, the hype is right in my opinion; it’s a pretty good product. Rating: 9/10


When it comes to eyeliners, it can be a scary experience for me because I have very sensitive eyes and I’ve had 2 severe allergic reactions in the past. With that said, this product thankfully did not trigger an allergic reaction. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the product either. I bought this based on reviews on MakeupAlley from Asian girls who said they had oily eyelids like me and claimed that once this dried on them, it didn’t budge for the entire day.

When I tried it out, I found this never seemed to completely dry on me so if I were to accidentally touch my eye, it would smudge. It’s a very black color and I like how it comes with a brush, but unfortunately, this product doesn’t work on me. I will finish the pot, but I won’t be repurchasing this. Rating: 2.5/10


The Rimmel Provocalips is something I purchased based on the fact that I swatched it in store one day while wandering through the makeup section and then I realized that it wouldn’t come off my hand for the rest of the day so I came back to purchase it. However, using this product is a little bit of a different story.

While it really does stay on your lips for the entire day, it’s incredibly drying. This product is double-sided with pigment on one side and a clear gloss on the other side that locks in the color and makes it matte. When this dries on your lips, it literally feels like it’s sucking the moisture out of your lips, even when you apply a generous amount of chapstick. But I think that’s the sacrifice you have to make if you’re going for a matte lip. I haven’t used this too much but I’ll keep testing it to see if I can stop it from drying out my lips as much. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really recommend this product unless you’re okay with the drying effect this has on your lips and you’re willing to sacrifice that for color and staying power. Rating: 5/10


Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick in Pink Velvet has been my favorite lip color this past month. It gives a pigmented punch of color without being too in your face. It looks like more of a peach shade in photos, but it’s pinker in person. I absolutely love Revlon lipsticks; they deliver a good amount of pigment to your lips and they last a good amount of time as well. When it does rub off your lips, it fades gradually, leaving a natural color until you reapply again. I can’t recommend Revlon lipsticks enough: they’re affordable, come in classy packaging, and have a huge selection of colors as well as look good on your lips throughout the day. Rating: 9/10


There’s not much I need to say about this item except that’s it’s been my favorite body spray for the last month. It’s a little sweet, but not overpowering. It also has some slight bitter notes in it, which makes it smell a little different than other fragrances and I think that’s why I personally like it. I think this is the perfect scent for spring and summer and I would suggest looking into it the next time you’re at Hollister if they still have it. Rating: 10/10


For a fashion favorite, I’ve been liking this bracelet that a friend made for me and I’ve been literally wearing it nonstop with everything that I own. It’s so simplistic and goes with everything because of its minimal color scheme. It looks like the lokai bracelet that has been showing up a lot lately, but it’s an imitation that my friend made. I do want to own the real thing at some point, but $25 for a bracelet still feels a little too expensive for me right now. So for now, I’m going to continue wearing this 24/7 because I love it so much.

My last two fashion favorites are pictured in the photo above. I recently purchased this dress from Forever 21 because I’ve been in a little bit of a dress phase lately. I think it’s because dresses are so easy to wear; you just throw them on and go. I’ve been on the hunt for causal dresses though because I want ones that are wearable for casual hangouts and because I like to be active and move around comfortably without having to think about whether or not my skirt will fly up in the wind (←which is why I prefer shorts and pants).

I’ve only worn this dress once but I can see it becoming a summer staple because it’s so simple, neutral, flowy, and comfortable. The material also feels super soft. The only con I’ve noticed with this dress though is that the trapeze hem means it easily flies up when there’s a breeze, so just make sure you wear shorts underneath. It’s also quite short on me and I’m 5’3″, so the hemline probably wouldn’t be friendly to taller women.

My other favorite has been the flats in this picture. To say the least, it’s been a process with these shoes. They initially started off hurting the back of my feet so I didn’t wear them often. Then my friend ended up borrowing them several times and I think she’s the one who broke them in for me because now, about a year later, they’ve become my most worn pair of shoes at the moment. They’re so comfortable to walk in and they go with the majority of my outfits since they’re a nude color. Now they’re starting to get beat up from so much wear, but that doesn’t stop me from reaching for them. I bought them from Payless and it’s the brand Dexter.

(P.S: this is a photo from an OOTD post that I’ll be doing soon, so be on the lookout for that!)

So that’s it for my monthly review! I know it was quite a lengthy post, but I hope this helped some of you out who might be looking to try something new out or were looking into these products already. Hopefully having a mix of negative and positive reviews about products was useful as well. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!




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