Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to start off my Makeup Monday series by talking about a smokey summer look that would look great for those cool summer nights out. During the daytime and summer in general, it looks best to have a natural glowy look, but sometimes it still looks nice to add some smokiness for a nighttime look. Here are some photos that I think we could all take inspiration from if you want to achieve that hazy, smoky eyeshadow look.

dsquared2-beauty-spring-summer-2013-mfw13Your smokey look can be composed entirely of matte shades if you want.

Screen-Shot-2014-05-11-at-1.37.14-PMExperiment with golds, coppers, black, and metallics to bring a shimmery brightness to your look.

smokeyedf_whyesPair this look with a nude lip to balance out your smokey eye.

taylorswiftslideLoad your lashes up with mascara and add a strong liner look for extra drama.



Here are some of my tips to achieve that hazy summer makeup look:

1. Prime your eyes if they’re prone to becoming oily throughout the day or night. This will help keep the shadow from creasing and can also make your eyeshadows more pigmented.

2. Use matte darker shades to create your shadows.

3. Use a lighter, shimmery shadow to brighten up the eyes and add some sparkle to the look. You can use lighter matte shades instead if you prefer to do so.

4. Finish off the look with black mascara and liner to add more drama.

5. For the rest of the face, you can either add to the haziness with contouring, bronzer, and highlighter, or you can keep the rest of your face looking matte so that the eyes will be the center of attention.

Besides that, the options to create a summery smokey eye are endless. Experiment with silver, gold, bronze, copper, and brown smokey eyes and have fun with it. Feel free to be as subtle or as dramatic as you want with your look. And remember, these are just my personal tips; it’s not necessary to follow all of these ideas.

So just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to put your darker colors away. It can be nice to bring out those darker shimmery shades for a summer night and leave people in a daze when they look into your eyes. Let me know if you decide to try out this look and what your smokey eye for the summer is! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you found this helpful!




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