Hey lovelies! Welcome to my second weekly playlist! Last week had more of a trap/EDM vibe but this week, I wanted to share a few more chill songs and one popular song that I’ve been liking lately.

1. Can’t Sleep by Vanic x K. Flay


2. Shura Shura-I

This is Shura. She’s an artist I found randomly on YouTube through my related videos and I don’t know how popular she is, but I really like her music. I’ve been listening to two of her songs, “Just Once” and “Indecision,” a lot lately because it just relaxes me but I also really enjoy her lyrics. I would definitely recommend checking her out.

3. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift


This song has obviously been everywhere and I can see why. I’ve been liking this song for its beat and melody and I’m currently looking into remixes of this song. I personally think that it would be a great song for a trap remix.

So that’s it for my playlist this week! Sorry it’s a little short, but the songs I’ve been enjoying last week are still my favorites this week, along with these songs. Let me know what songs you’ve been liking recently in the comments below; I love checking out new music so feel free to leave your own playlist. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



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