With summer upon us, tanned and glowing skin is something most of us would like to achieve because it makes us look healthier and it looks more natural than matte skin.

Some of us are lucky enough to be blessed with naturally clear skin. But for others, it takes a little more work. Of course, eating well, drinking enough water, and getting lots of sleep contributes to the texture and feel of your skin (I’ve noticed that my skin always looks so much better when I get enough sleep!), but a couple makeup products can help us out when we want to get that goddess glow instantly. Here are some photos I’ve found for inspiration and tips on how to get that glow from within.

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Here are some tips I’ve found for contouring and highlighting!

1. Use highlighter on the highest points of your face, such as the nose, chin, the top of the cheekbone, cupid’s bow, and temples.

A way to remember this is to think about where the sun naturally hits your face. You can examine your face in natural light and then add highlighter where needed if that helps.

– I personally use the NYX roll-on shimmer in Nude as a highlight for my face, but I’m currently on the hunt for something less shimmery since I have oily skin. This brings me to my next point:

2. Powder highlighters will compliment oily skin, while more creamy highlighters with shimmer will work for normal to dry skin.

This is pretty self explanatory; oily skin will produce oil throughout the day and will mix with creamy highlighters. This may make oily-skinned individuals look shinier than you might want to be.

When it comes to normal to dry skin, they can get away with creamier highlighters because these skin types won’t create too much oil on their face and the shimmer is what will create that natural looking glow.


This is what I currently use on my skin to highlight, but I’m looking for something better.

3. My personal tip: use a lip gloss or chapstick to make them look more luscious and healthy.

People with oilier skin should stick to lip products that are semi-matte so that it doesn’t make your skin look too shiny overall.

4. Invest in a good primer and/or setting spray.

It can be a struggle for people with oily skin to create this look, but it’s still possible with the right products! Priming, setting, and blotting your face during the day can help keep your glow while getting rid of oil.

5. If all else fails: less is more!

Creating a natural makeup look can be the best way to get that effortless glow on your skin. Sticking to minimal makeup that brightens your face can make you look healthier, more awake, and glow in the best way possible.

So those are my tips and tricks on how to highlight; I hope you found this post useful in some way. Let me know what you’ve been using for highlighter on your face and help a girl out with any recommendations for highlighters in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!

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