Hello lovelies! I have a few songs and an artist I want to share for this week’s playlist. I’ve been singing along to some of these songs and one of them always reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows.


1. Nobody Love by Tori Kelly

This song is so catchy and I recently started singing along to instrumentals of this song. I’m not as talented as her, but I love singing it anyways. It’s a fun and enjoyable song to have on repeat; go listen to it if you haven’t yet!


2. Crazy by Kat Dahlia

This is another fun and catchy song that I’ve been loving lately. I discovered this song a while back and I was obsessed with it, but then I sort of forgot about it. I recently found this song again and I can’t stop singing along to it. I would definitely recommend checking out this song if you haven’t yet and her other songs are pretty good too.


3. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

For anyone who’s a die-hard fan of the show, you might recognize this song. This is the first song that ever played on the Gossip Girl series as Serena sits on the train and we see our first glimpse of Lonely Boy aka Dan Humphrey. This showed up on one of my Pandora stations one day and I couldn’t figure out where I had heard this song before until I re-watched the first season of GG and realized that it was in the first episode. Of course, this song has probably played on other TV shows or movies, but for me, this will always remind me of one of my favorite TV shows.


4. Goddess by Banks

I’ve been listening to this artist for a while now and I even have a station on my Pandora based on her because I really like her music. I like the song Goddess, but I think her whole album is great. I would suggest listening to some of her music; some of my favorites besides Goddess would be Begging for Thread, The Waiting Game, F*ck Em Only We Know, and You Should Know Where I’m Coming From.

So that’s it for my weekly playlist this week! I hope this post was enjoyable to read; let me know if you end up checking out these songs and also leave suggestions for any songs you think I should listen to because I love finding new music to listen to. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



  1. Awesome picks! Begging for Thread is one of my favorite songs and that Peter, Bjorn and John song is as synonymous with the early 2000s indie scene as fixies. LOL


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