Hello lovelies! Today on Makeup Monday, I wanted to talk about another makeup look that’s especially great for the summer: going au naturel. This look is great for the summer because it means you can have little to no makeup on while still looking fresh, beautiful, and put-together.







ap2_Fotor_Collageds (2)

Here’s my tip on how to achieve this look:

1. It’s all optional!

Depending on your skin type and what you feel comfortable with, you can choose to wear whatever you want for your minimal makeup look. If you feel insecure about your skin, try a light foundation/BB cream/concealer. If you feel like you have sparse brows, lightly fill them in. If you want to define your eyes, you can use a brown eyeliner and/or some mascara. To add a glow to your face, you can wear some bronzer all over your skin and highlight with some highlighter. And if you don’t want to do anything with your face, you can skip everything!

Summer is the time to let your skin breathe, especially on those hot days where you’re sweating and your makeup basically melts off your skin or when you go to the beach or the pool and you don’t want to bother with wearing anything on your face.

Hopefully this post was helpful in some way or it inspires you to have some more no-makeup days because it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin.

It can be difficult to feel good about the way you look when social media is constantly showing pictures of airbrushed, perfect-looking people. Society pushes us to look a certain way but who cares what they think. So embrace your flaws and be happy with how you look, with and without makeup. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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