Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to be sharing my monthly playlist, where I round up my favorite songs from my weekly playlists and also a few other songs that I’ve been liking this month that I didn’t get around to mentioning.


1. Bang it to the Curb by Far East Movement and Sidney Samson

This song was on my very first weekly replay post. I still love this song because of its catchy beat and melody. Whenever I hear it, I always want to dance because it’s such a fun song.


2. Let You Go by The Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok

I still LOVE this song; something about it is so addicting for me.



2. Nobody Love by Tori Kelly

Like I mentioned in my weekly replay #3, I’m still singing along to this song. Her album just dropped a couple days ago, so I would suggest everyone go get her album since she’s an amazing artist and deserves all the support she can get. She seems like a humble singer who knows where she came from and is truly thankful for everything that’s happened on her journey to becoming the singer she is today. And besides that, she has an incredible voice. So go listen to her music!


3. Crazy by Kat Dahlia

I’m still singing along to this song as well; the lyrics and melody flow so well together and creates a song that I love putting on repeat. ☺


4. Banks

Also still loving Banks as an artist overall. My favorite songs (as mentioned in my Weekly Replay #3) are Beggin’ for Thread, The Waiting Game, Goddess, and F*ck ‘Em Only We Know.


5. Jai Wolf

I mentioned in my Weekly Replay #1 that I liked Jai Wolf’s remix of Say My Name by Odeza. After seeing and hearing a live set from him at LED USA in May, I’ve been obsessed with him to the point where I bought myself a HARD summer ticket for Day 2 just so I could see him (and I guess the rest of the artists, haha). But I am excited to go to HARD Summer though!


6. Runaway (U & I) by Galantis

I believe this is a song that’s been playing a lot on the radio and I’m not complaining about it!


7. Can’t Sleep by Vanic x K. Flay

This is one of my favorite songs to play when I’m in the mood to write or do something artistic. It chills me out yet pumps me up at the same time.

Dreamers - Hopium (Two Can Remix)-ART

8. Hopium by Dreamers – Two Can Remix

I haven’t heard the original song, but I really like this version. Something about the beat and the melody makes me feel relaxed yet energized.


9. Boneless by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Tujamo

Before songs like “Let You Go” and “Bang it to the Curb” came along, this was one of my favorite songs and it still is, but this was something that I would immediately want to dance to, just like those other songs. Steve Aoki is also one of my favorite artists because he’s one of the first DJs I discovered when I first started listening to EDM. I also got to hear one of his sets live at Escape last November, so that was really cool.

dvbbs-borgeous-tsunami1   tremor___martin_garrix_dimitri_vegas_and_like_mike_by_shailahaena-d820sg9

10 & 11: Tsunami by Dvbbs and Borgeous & Tremor by Martin Garrix, Like Mike, and Dimitri Vegas

So I wanted to put these two songs together because in my opinion, they kind of sound…similar, haha. When you do pay attention and listen to both songs, they are different and I love them both equally.

So that rounds out my playlist for June! I hope you enjoyed this post; let me know what you’ve been enjoying in the comments below! I know this month’s playlist was a little EDM/trap heavy, but let me know if you actually enjoy posts with this type of music. Otherwise, I’ll probably try to lay off this genre for now and write more about other genres that I like since I know that EDM isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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