Welcome back lovelies; happy Monday! Today for Makeup Monday I wanted to show a look I wore sometime last week as well as show some photo inspiration for a daytime smokey eye look. I personally think that smokey eyes are appropriate for the daytime as well as nights out and special occasions; they just have to be tweaked a little to be a little less intense.





Tips for a daytime smokey eye:

1. Stay away from dark colors such as black. These colors could be used in moderation with some daytime smokey eye looks but should be mostly avoided since it’s more suitable for the nighttime.

2. Create brown smokey eyes instead to warm up your eyes. Substitute the black with some rich brown shades!

3. Use shimmery shades if you’re comfortable with using those types of eyeshadows. Gold, peach, and bronze colors work well for the daytime.

4. For an alternative to brown smokey eyes, you can use grays and taupes for your makeup look. Grays and taupes tend to be overlooked in makeup looks, but they’re also great shades that can be used during the day for a smokey eye.

5. Try using one shade all over your lids and then blend it out. You can also add a highlight shade on your brow bone and inner corner, but for those who have more hooded eyes or have a monolid, it’s especially easy to use only one color on your eyes.

The biggest rule of thumb would be to use lighter colors instead of really dark colors to soften the look and make it more wearable for the daytime. But if you feel comfortable with strong smokey eyes in the daytime and you don’t mind putting in the effort to do so, then go for it! It’s all up to you in the end, so do whatever you like and feel comfortable with.


DSCN0475 (2)   DSCN0486


The photos don’t do it justice but I used the shade Hazy from Clinique all over my lid and then blended it out with Creme Brulee from Wet n’ Wild. Hazy is a mixture of taupe, brown, and some purple (although it shows up brown in the photos) and it looks perfect for a daytime smokey eye.

I added brown eyeliner to keep the look soft and then applied mascara. For lipstick I mixed my Revlon lipstick in the shade Mauvy Night with a lipstick called Shy from Clinique in their Different collection. My lips look pink in the photos, but in real life, they were more of a mauve/purple hue.


And that’s how I created my daytime-appropriate smokey eye! I hope you found this post useful! It can be a great and easy way to change up your makeup if you’re tired of the same simple everyday looks. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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