Hello lovelies, welcome back to The Weekly Replay! Today I wanted to bring my weekly playlist back to the music I liked before I started listening to EDM. I may enjoy genres such as hardstyle and trap, but I’m an indie girl at heart. I don’t think all of these sings are officially indie songs, but I wanted to change it up from my EDM-heavy posts. So here’s what I’ve been listening to and liking in the last week!

1. Paradise Awaits by Zhu

I’ve been loving this song so much. Lately, I feel like I’ve been into songs that have an attitude or some sort of sassiness to them, if that makes any sense.


2. Whisky by Marian Hill

This song also has a sassy vibe to it. It’s fun and sensual at the same time in my opinion. I could definitely see this song and the previous song as ones that would make really good songs to choreograph pieces to.


3. Summerlong by Xylos

This is a song I discovered a couple years ago and I think it’s appropriate to start playing it again since it’s summertime. I love songs like these that chill me out and make me feel good.


4. Travis Garland

This is an artist I discovered a couple years ago and I love every song from his album. I don’t know if he’s released any new music, but I hope he does in the future. If I had to pick favorites, I would say I love “Motel Pool,” “Pullin’ My Hair,” and “Easy.” Go check him out if you haven’t yet!


5. Treehouse by Dream Koala

This is Dream Koala himself; from my quick research I found out he’s from France and has a SoundCloud, so if you like this song, then maybe you should listen to the rest of his music. I’ll admit, this is the only song I’ve heard from him, but I might take a look at more of his songs now!

So that’s my playlist for this week! I hope I helped you discover some new artists and new songs to listen to. It’s definitely different from my past posts since I decided to pull out my indie/R & B side, haha. Let me know some songs you’ve been loving in the comments; I love finding new music to listen to. ☺ Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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