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Hello lovelies, today’s post will be be about my beauty resolutions for this year! Setting goals for yourself is always a good thing, but taking care of your body is just as important if you want to get anywhere with your resolutions. Here are some of my top beauty resolutions for 2016!

1. Get more sleep.

This goes to the top of my list because I’m a night owl who always gets sleepy but doesn’t want to sleep. It’s been a bad habit that I’ve had for years and I should really change this. In fact, I just watched an interview with an actor recently and he said he actually gets at least 10 hours of sleep a night when he’s not making movies. I don’t know if I could sleep 10 hours a night but 7-8 hours seems good enough. Realistically, I’ll probably get much less sleep once school starts again, but I can try. Sleep is so important with many health and beauty benefits, so I think we could all gain something by catching a few more Z’s.

2. Drink more water.

This resolution was something I got better at in the last year, but then I started failing again because I was so busy in the last few months that I barely had time to eat and drink. I hope to get back on this again since water is good for your digestive system, skin, and it’s just better for your overall health.

3. Be more active.

I’d really like to get back into working out with some sort of routine, but since I’m unsure with what my schedule’s going to be like, I think a better resolution would be at least trying to stay active. Setting up a new workout routine doesn’t have to mean being in the gym every day. I think people forget that workout machines and weights aren’t the only way to exercise. There’s also sports, hiking, using the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, and so on. I personally love hiking, volleyball, and soccer if I find people that don’t mind how bad I am at it, haha. I didn’t gain much weight from skipping the gym for a few months since I didn’t eat much, but I hope to get back in shape soon; my goal is reduce my body fat and tone my muscles.

4. Be more health-conscious.

I know this is starting to look like one of those typical lists with all this sleep more, exercise, and eat healthier, but I should at least have some hope in myself that this might work out right, haha? I’ve come to accept that I do like junk food, so I’m not going to cut it completely out of my diet. Instead, my goals are to cook more instead of eating out and try to balance between eating junk food and eating healthier. Life is too short to miss out on those bad but oh so yummy foods! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with indulging every once in a while. I guess I’m lucky because I don’t gain weight that quickly, but I’ll try to stay on the healthier side since a good diet is really important when it comes to getting in shape.

5. Try out different makeup looks and hairstyles.

I’m pretty boring with my hair and makeup on a daily basis; it’s usually neutral makeup and my hair down and straight. But I wanna try out different hairstyles and makeup looks now because I don’t have all this hair and makeup to look the same every day, LOL. I think this will be a fun resolution and it doesn’t hurt to change up the way you look every once in a while.

6. Put more effort into a beauty routine.

I usually follow a normal beauty routine and keep up with it most of the time, but I want to put more effort into it from now on. For the last few months, I would fall asleep in the middle of doing my homework and have to wake up in the morning to take off my makeup, shower, and then get ready again. I’ve heard that Korean beauty routines can consist of several steps, but I don’t want to make it too complicated for myself since I’m still young. My usual routine is removing makeup with a wipe, eye makeup remover, and a mixture of olive oil and water on a cotton round, and then using a face wash and moisturizer. Now that I’m in my 20s (yikes where did the time go!), I think I want to add a toner and possibly a serum that could help even out my skin tone and reduce acne scars. I’ve become a lot more comfortable with my skin in the last few years since my skin slowly started clearing up, but it would be nice to have healthy, glowing skin without the help of makeup.

If I put all of these beauty resolutions together and actually succeed, who knows? Maybe by this time next year, I could be in the best shape of my life with a glowing face. But we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

Thanks for reading this post; I hope it was enjoyable and gave some ideas on what kind of beauty resolutions you may want to make for yourself. I realize I forgot to explain my long hiatus from this blog in yesterday’s post. I kept mentioning in yesterday and in today’s posts that I overworked myself in this past semester of school and I was always busy and tired. In short, there was a lot of personal drama and I wasn’t in a good physical and mental place to keep up with this blog, so it ended up on the back burner. For this upcoming semester, I’m still as ambitious as ever, but I plan on organizing things a lot better so that I have time for everything. I’m crossing my fingers that this year turns out a lot better than the last one. Again, thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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