Hello lovelies! This week on my wishlist, I wanted to talk about planners. It might sound a bit nerdy to be lusting after a planner, but recently they’ve become a popular aesthetically appealing item. They’re an important part of flatlays on Instagram and blog posts to show how “organized” someone’s life is and they’ve upgraded the layouts so that they include everything from goals to positive quotes and even sections to plan out your meals.

I’ve always disliked planners and never got the hang of them until recently. If you looked in my old planners, you might see half a week filled out and then see blank pages for the next couple months. This was because back then, I tried to remember everything based on my memory so I thought it was a waste of time to write it all down too.

But lately, I started taking a liking to planners when I saw a planner by Day Designer that fascinated me with all the sections that you could use to organize your life. I also saw my schedule become exponentially busier so a planner became essential to my daily life because I could no longer remember everything that needed to be done.

Right now, I’m using a regular weekly planner, but I wish I could have a beautiful daily planner like the ones shown below. Planners are a must-have item for those who like to be organized, but the price to have an aesthetically pretty planner is a bit pricey, which is why it’s landed on my wishlist. Take a look below at planners I’d like to have after the jump!


buy here

I don’t know how planners got so expensive, or maybe they’ve always been like this, but with all the new features these planners give, they’re priced much higher than the ones you might see at your local Target. This one checks in at $59, which is pretty darn expensive. But I guess if you’re willing to invest in it and use it every day for a year, then it might be worth it. I couldn’t find the exact one I wanted from a while ago, but these planners are very Kate Spade like and was the first daily planner that I fell in love with.


buy here

This is the daily planner that I want even more than the first one I showed. To me, this is literally the perfect planner for me because I like seeing the positive in things and it falls in line with one of my resolutions, which is to do more with my time and do things that make me happy. According to the site, this planner is supposed to maximize your happiness with sections that show positive quotes and a place to write down what you’re grateful for, all alongside your regular schedule of events, work, and notes.

It comes in pink and blue and is also $59. If I could, I would just take the plunge and buy it, but maybe I’ll get one for next year to replace the planner I’m currently using.


As a semi-broke (okay broke) college student, maybe these planners aren’t very budget-friendly, but if you’re someone who likes to invest in quality things that you know you’ll use, I would highly suggest getting a planner like one of these. Even though I don’t own one, I could see myself using it daily because it looks so nice that I would be excited to write in it every day.

And plus, these planners are multi-purpose since they incorporate ways to be grateful and happy while still being able to write down your homework, goals, and even an exercise routine and meal plan, all on a single page for each day.

Now I know I sound like I’m being sponsored or something haha, but I’m definitely not. Planners have just been stepping up their game lately. Stores like Target do carry more aesthetically pleasing planner nowadays; for example, sometimes Target comes out with cheaper versions of Day Designer planners and Paperchase, which is another brand that I like. Other planners that seems to be popular among people is the Kate Spade planners and the Passion planner, so you can check those out too, but these are my top 2 planners that I wish I owned.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll see you guys next tomorrow with a weekly playlist!




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