Hello lovelies and welcome back to the weekly replay! This week, I wanted to share some music I started listening to at the end of 2015 that made it into the new year. Soundcloud has been my new go to for finding new music and I’ve been discovering so many songs that I love, but today I’ll be sharing a few that I’m obsessed with right now!

1. Geotheory – Venus
2. Oakland Tho – Louis Futon ft. Vell and DJ Mustard
3. Tennessee – Kiiara
4. TAPES- Tried To

So those are just some of the songs I’ve been obsessing over lately! Out of all of them, I would probably pick TAPES by Tried To as my favorite at the moment because it’s used as the song in this video by TheLineUp on YouTube that I’m also obsessed with. Go watch it here if you haven’t yet; the cinematography is amazing! A close second would be Oakland Though by Louis Futon because it’s just a badass song.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed my picks for this week’s playlist, see you tomorrow lovelies!



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