Hello lovelies, today’s post will be a fashion post about some ensembles I’ve found that have been my inspiration lately for my outfits!

2668778_open-uri20121124-20396-g9b4c9 (2)

I really like the simplicity of the sweater, black bottoms, and sneakers. It’s a combo I’ve been reaching for often this winter season.


The fact that her coat and checkered scarf are both long and all her pieces are black streamlines the look and creates a polished outfit. I hope I can look as sophisticated one day.

eventide (2)

I love how put together this outfit is; menswear inspires me as much as women’s fashion and it’s always nice to see a well-dressed man.

pplarecolderthantheworld (2)

Another menswear look that inspires me; it’s similar to the first outfit because it takes basic pieces and finishes it off with sneakers to create an effortless casual look. White sneakers are super popular these days and adds a clean finish to an ensemble.

tfghj (2)

I really like the juxtaposition of the dress and leather jacket with the chunky heels and beanie. It’s the perfect cross between being girly and tough.

the3basics (2)

As you can see, as much as I like polished outfits, casual outfits are definitely more my style these days. It’s comfortable and makes you look like you barely tried but still look good. I like the idea of having all loose pieces as long as it’s not too baggy and again, this outfit is also finished with white sneakers.

*All photos from Lookbook

So those are my inspiration photos for this week! I hope they’re inspiring to others as well! Thanks for reading this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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