Hello lovelies, and welcome to this week’s Wishlist Wednesday! This week, I wanted to talk about some sneakers that I fell in love with at first sight, something I never thought I would ever say since I used to be a flats and sandals girl.

Up until high school, I wore sneakers regularly. However, once I reached high school, I ditched the sneakers and backpack for a bag, sandals, flats, and any type of shoe that would make me feel more girly. I definitely experimented with fashion and being feminine in high school, but now that I go to college in a city where flip-flops, sneakers, jeans, and casual tees reign supreme, my tomboyish side has resurfaced and I’m starting to like the idea of dressing down. I still enjoy dressing up, but where I currently live, there aren’t many occasions where you can dress to impress.


This is the Clean 90 sneaker in taupe gray.It’s handmade in Portugal and is made of suede and leather. Normally I wouldn’t advocate things like real leather or suede, but I don’t think I’ll be able to afford these shoes anytime soon, so I wanted to put this on my wishlist since they’re so nice to look at. They’re simple and I love the neutral color on them; I feel like if I owned these shoes, they would go with so many outfits.


buy here

You can buy these shoes for yourself if you click on the link above, but they retail for a whopping $205, which is totally out of my personal budget. But aren’t they beautiful? *heart eye emoji* *drools*



So this is what’s on my wishlist this week! I absolutely love these shoes but I can’t afford them and I’m sure there are dupes somewhere so maybe I could get similar shoes to these someday. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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