Hello lovelies, today I’m coming at ya with another weekly replay, so here’s what I’ve playing on repeat lately!

1. Make It Real – BABE (Vestige Remix)

This song brings my energy up and is fun to dance to in the morning. I happened to stumble on it on SoundCloud which made me super happy because I originally heard this on a YouTube video and wanted to know what song it was.

2. Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez (Jai Wolf Remix)

Still loving Jai Wolf! I wish I wouldn’t keep missing him at events though. 😦

3. Yanghwa Bridge – Zion T

Alert, alert. Yes, this is a Korean song here, lol. I recently got into the kpop world (although it’s a very detailed, confusing world sometimes haha) and my new favorite artist has to be this guy. I love his style, his way of singing, and his lyrics. His songs are so smooth and relaxing and I’m currently obsessed with his music. I discovered him through watching episodes of Infinity Challenge and he seems like a really cool person. *heart eye emojis*

4. For a Minute – Tasty Treat (ft. Moonz)

The chorus is addicting and the whole song just chills me out. #goodvibes

So that’s what I’ve been constantly playing in the last week! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



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