Hello lovelies and welcome to Wishlist Wednesday! Today I wanted to talk about an outerwear piece I’ve been wanting for a long time, but haven’t purchased yet: the anorak.

The anorak is a versatile piece that can be worn all year long in my opinion. It seems to work well for the fall and California winter and can be worked into cool spring days and summer nights too.

Here’s the anorak that I’ve been liking since I found it and it has the ideal details I would want in an anorak jacket:



buy here

I like the fact that this jacket has a hood and I also like the pockets and the way it cinches in at the waist with the tie around the jacket. It looks like it would fit well and I think it ย would work with most weather because you can layer a light sweater underneath or a dress or just a t-shirt as well.



I really want an anorak because it would work well for so many occasions and I could see myself wearing it all the time.

So that’s what’s on my wishlist this week! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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