Hello lovelies, we’ve somehow made it to the end of January already! It’s been a pretty crazy month for me personally. I went from being a couch potato for winter break, then going on a bunch of adventures, to having school start and being thrown back into a crazy schedule with classes, work, and extracurriculars. And I would have to say, having a good playlist definitely helped me through all of these things.

Whether it’s getting ready for school, a long drive, or relaxing between classes, these are some of the songs that I enjoyed listening to the most this month!

1. Yanghwa Bridge – Zion T

This song just gives me the feels somehow; it might be because I heard about the backstory on an episode of Infinity Challenge that he was on or that it speaks to me somehow even though I don’t know all the lyrics. I really love soulful music like this and I love all his songs so I’m really glad I discovered him.

2. Tried To – TAPES

If I could only pick one song that I loved all month, this would be it. I literally had this on replay when I first heard it and it would be the first song I’d want to play in the morning while I got ready. Something about this song is so addicting.

3. Make it Real – BABE (Vestige Remix)

This would be the song after  “Tried To” that I would play because I really enjoyed the energy of this song too. I like how upbeat it is and it always made me want to get up and be productive.

4. Oakland Tho – Louis Futon ft. Vell and DJ Mustard

This song is something that I would enjoying dancing to on a night out and it would really pump me up because it’s a high energy song.

5. For a Minute – TastyTreat ft. MOONZz

This is a calmer version of a song that would make me want to get up and dance because I just really liked it, haha.

And an honorable mention that I have to give for this month has to be…Big Bang. I know I’m about 10 years late, but I was never interested in kpop until this past month and I like some of their songs. I basically have a playlist that plays on bus rides and when I’m walking around campus sometimes because I like their energetic songs. I guess you could say they’re a guilty pleasure of mine, haha.

So that’s it for this month’s monthly remix! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you discovered some new music from this. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



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