Hello lovelies! It’s been a while, but The Weekly Replay is back! This series isn’t as popular as my beauty posts, but I personally enjoy writing these. Even though I find them hard to write sometimes, I really love music so I like the challenge of finding new things to listen to each week for these posts. So here’s what’s on my playlist this week!

1. A Flume Tribute – TRAILS

Been putting this on replay for some reason and I love it. ☺

2. Fakin’ It – Kaskade & Felix Cartal (ft. Ofelia K)

When I first discovered this song, I was obsessed. I especially love the lyrics and I played it all the time to the point where I was almost sick of it, haha.

3. Leaves – Miguel

I really like the melody and lyrics to this song. I know a lot of my friends listen to artists like Miguel, but I only listen occasionally. However, this song stole my heart when I found it. I want to do a cover of it, so we’ll see if that’s possible, haha.

4. Chained Up – VIXX

Since I last did a Weekly Replay post, I mentioned how I had just started getting into the Korean music and drama scene. Well, I’ve definitely gotten into it more now, but I definitely would not call myself an obsessed k-pop fan since I’m still pretty clueless about it too. Like I said in my very first Weekly Replay post, I really do like lots of different types of music, and I guess you could say I finally gave K-pop a chance and I like it.

This song is one I discovered after becoming curious about the leader of the group and listening to random songs. I really like the beat of the song and the vocals here. The concept is a bit…sadistic? But it’s fine for me since I have no idea what they’re saying, haha. I have no “bias” or anything like that, I just genuinely enjoy this group.



Now I’m going to talk about my favorite group at the moment. I don’t really know that many groups anyways, but I like this one the best. I like their concept (classy and fashionable?) and I’ve listened to their whole album and like it, which is why I don’t have a specific song listed.

I like how they compose their own songs and they’re all aesthetically appealing. Plus I’ve watched shows they’ve appeared in and they just seem very relatable and down-to-earth. Bias-wise, I like Mino and Seungyoon and I also agree with how people say Seunghoon is a bias wrecker, haha. I’m starting to sound like a fan and digressing, so anyways! I just really like their their music and I hope they come out with more eventually.

So that’s what’s on my playlist this week! I will admit I’ve been listening to more Korean music lately, but I’ll try to try to limit that on my posts because I don’t want to seem like a crazy fan, haha. I think it’s good to expand music tastes because it can inspire new things if you listen to a lot of different genres.

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



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