Hello lovelies! Today on Wishlist Wednesday, I want to talk about blushes.

I’ve never been a huge blush person and I still don’t really experiment with different shades of blush, but there is a certain product that I’ve been eyeing up and would like to try.

Sourced from Google Images

These are blushes from Milani. I currently own one of them and it’s the famous one in Luminoso. It’s the one that almost everyone probably has and for a good reason. It’s a beautiful peachy blush that adds a glow to your skin. However, the one I’m currently lusting over is the one called Rose D’Oro. It’s similar to Luminoso but with more pink than peach in it.


Rose D’Oro

The other blushes from Milani that I’ve been liking are called the rose powder blushes. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to look at because of the rose design in the blush, but the colors look amazing as well.


Out of all the colors, I think I’d like Tea Rose the most.


Online, it sort of looks like a brighter pink but this picture above seems to be closer to what it looks like in person. It seems to be a soft, dusty pink, and I feel like this is a shade I would be comfortable with trying.

Overall, I think Milani blushes are definitely a hidden treasure at the drugstore. Milani seems to have a lot of good products so I can’t wait to cross these off my wishlist soon! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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