Hello lovelies! Welcome to The Weekly Replay #12. Let’s see what’s on my playlist this week!

1. Sugar We’re Goin’ Down (Misogi Remix)

This wasn’t a song I always liked but I really like the remix of it.

2. Trophy Wife – Jai Wolf

I kind of got over my Jai Wolf phase after I was able to see him live and then I stumbled upon this song while listening to a station on SoundCloud. Safe to say, I’m a fan again.

3. Sometimes – SNBRN ft. Holly Winter

I don’t really know what to say about this song except that I really like it, haha.

4. Dynamite – VIXX

So I’ve decided to keep it to one k-pop song/artist a week so it doesn’t overwhelm my playlists. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m an experienced k-pop person; I literally just click on random groups/artists on YouTube and SoundCloud and decide whether I like their songs or not. I have accumulated a lot of new favorite songs from listening to Korean music though, so there won’t be a shortage of songs to talk about in this section.

Anyways, I know I mentioned VIXX in my previous weekly replay, but I have 2 favorite songs from them. This is my other favorite; I liked Chained Up because of the beat, but I really enjoy Dynamite because of the melody and the music video. I don’t about their other songs and videos, but I feel like their choreography is on point in this music video. It’s so visually pleasing to watch their dancing because it looks so sharp and well done; I wish I could be that good, haha.

So that’s my playlist for this week; I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading and listening along and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



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