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Hello lovelies! I can’t believe Friday is here again! I don’t know where the time is going and I feel like my summer has been unproductive. But I did end up going on a few adventures so far and I hope for many more before the summer ends!

To be quite honest, there have been some unforeseen events that had me feeling pretty down for most of this summer. I didn’t really hang out with friends or even leave my apartment sometimes. It’s just been one of those slumps where it was hard to get out of bed, let alone go anywhere fun. I let my emotions get the better of me when I should have been having my best summer yet. But even though I feel like I’m fighting a daily battle and it can get hard sometimes, I’m choosing to actually fight back now instead of surrendering every day to the negativity.

Anyways, now that that’s off of my chest, we can look at the adventures I have had during this summer!

One of my first adventures was spending a weekend in Palm Springs as a date for an event. I wish I had location type shots showing what Palm Springs looked like, but let’s just say it was a very blurry weekend and these are the only pictures I ended up with, haha.

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Like I mentioned in my most recent Weekly Replay post, I got to see Jai Wolf play live and it was actually pretty nice, despite security being annoying. I’ve been a fan of him for over a year now, so it was nice to see him play an entire set in a smaller venue because we got to be closer to the stage. I apologize for the photo quality; I was more focused on enjoying the night than getting a photo and it was hard to get a good picture anyways.

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One of the points I made this summer was to try out more ice cream places. I thought ice cream would make me feel better when I was feeling down or at the very least, get me out of the apartment from time to time. This is Han’s Homemade Ice Cream, and a double scoop is a half a pound of ice cream. Thankfully, I love ice cream so I was able to finish it without a problem.

I can’t remember what flavors these were, but I do remember they were delicious. This is probably the richest ice cream I’ve ever tasted. It’s a thick consistency that takes a while to melt; I actually had to eat it with a spoon. For what you get, I think it’s definitely worth the money and I plan to go again.

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The next show I went to was to see DEAN. He’s a really good Korean producer turned artist that my roommate really likes and on top of that, he’s just as handsome in real life. Excuse the picture quality again; there were a lot of fangirls blocking the way and it was quite hectic. He only sang a few songs, so I was a little disappointed, but at least we all got to see his face in person, haha.

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Back at it again with the ice cream; this is the 3rd ice cream place I’ve been able to visit (I didn’t get a good picture of the 2nd place, but I plan to go back there again) and this place was really good too. I got salted malted crunch on the bottom and pretzel and rugbraou which is apparently a flavor associated with Iceland.

Have you ever sampled something and your mouth basically orgasms at the taste because it’s so good? That was the pretzel and rugbraou for me. I don’t know about you guys, but I like sweet and salty things, so the salty pretzel flavor with the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream was so amazingly perfect for me. I knew I was going to pick that flavor from the moment I tasted it.

The salted malted crunch was good too, but I’m not much of a chocolate person with ice creams; I prefer trying more unique flavors or fruity ones but this is what they recommended would go best with the pretzel flavor. I also got an ube cone because it sounded cool, haha.

2016-01-12 15.42.28
Note: this was back when I had bangs and I was just having a bad hair day with them. Hence the face. Lol.

I also went to Disneyland recently with some friends but I didn’t take any pictures because it was hot and I was lazy so here’s a old picture with Winnie the Pooh. 🙂

I really hope to have more adventures coming up soon to make up for all the time I wasted from being in a personal slump and feeling not so good about myself. It’s hard to pick yourself up on your own, but I’m sure I can get through it. If anyone else is feeling similar to what I’m going through, then hopefully you’ll feel less alone and I’ll feel less lonely too. We’ll get through it all eventually, and what’s even better is that we’ll be stronger for it.

Sorry to end this post on a less positive note than usual, but I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless. I’m sure happier posts are coming, so be on the lookout for those. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies next week!


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