Hello lovelies! For this week’s Wishlist Wednesday post, I wanted to talk about a product that I recently discovered. I’m usually skeptical about products like these, but I’ve heard and read a lot of good reviews about it, so I think it would definitely be worth splurging on in the future.


The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is supposed to be a cleansing device similar to other electronic cleansers such as the Clarasonic and other devices with a spinning face brush. However, the difference with the Foreo Luna is that it’s made of silicone, which is more sanitary than a brush that can collect bacteria, it has a battery charge that lasts for months, and it’s a much different shape than the face brushes we’re used to using on our faces.

It apparently has different intensities you can set it to for either a gentler cleanse or a more powerful, deeper cleaning. After reading reviews, people said the Luna rarely has to be charged, which means it probably has strong, lasting battery power.

Since the Foreo Luna uses silicone bristles, you don’t need to swap it out for replacement brush heads every few months, which can add up in expenses, especially if you’re investing in something as pricey as the Clarasonic. Plus, silicone sounds a lot more gentle on the skin than brush heads which can sometimes be made out of rough materials and may end up being abrasive on the skin.


It claims to have “T-sonic” pulsations that help to get rid of impurities in the skin without irritating your face. Reviews that I found said that this product helped them clean their skin deeply, which reduced their pore size, cleared up their acne, made their skin softer, and helped with the texture of their skin.

These are a lot of benefits that seem to come with the Foreo Luna. In fact, it almost seems too good to be true. But I’ve seen very few bad reviews for this product, which makes me really curious to try it out for myself. However, it retails for about $139, and that’s if you buy the mini version. And that’s why it’s on my wishlist, haha.

In comparison to the other electronic cleansers such as the Clarasonic, this just seems to affect the skin in a positive way from the first use. Whenever I heard people talking about the Clarasonic on YouTube or in the beauty world in general, I noticed that many people would say it would dry out their skin or give them a severe breakout. However, after a while, their skin would end up much clearer and cleaner. They attested the breakouts to the fact that the Clarasonic was giving their face such a deep cleanse that it brought the impurities to the surface and caused acne. Other people also said that since it gives such a deep clean, they only recommend using it a couple times a week.

On the other hand, I haven’t seen anyone say that the Foreo Luna irritates their skin or causes them to break out first; most people report that their skin clears up immediately instead. Β In addition to that, a lot of people whose reviews I have read also own the Clarasonic and usually make their own comparisons between the two. I also feel like since it’s a silicone product, you could probably use it daily, especially since it only needs to be on your skin for one minute a day.

Overall, most people say they like both products, but it looks to me as though the Foreo Luna wins by a little bit because it doesn’t seem to irritate the skin as much when comparing reviews of each device. I personally would describe my skin as oily and sensitive, so I feel like the Foreo Luna Mini 2 would be a better match for me compared to the more intense Clarasonic.

So that’s what I put on my wishlist this week! I hope you guys liked it and now maybe you’ll be as inclined to try the Foreo Luna like me? Or maybe you’ll stick to your trusty Clarasonic? Or maybe now you’ll try out face brushes in general! Well, I hope you enjoyed this post; thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow for my Monthly Remix!



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