Hello lovelies! I can’t believe we’re about to reach the end of the month! Where did the time go? With that said, it’s time to round up some of my favorite songs from this month’s weekly replays for a July playlist!


Since I only did 2 Weekly Replay posts this months with short playlists, this month’s playlist will be a bit short too.

1.  Sometimes – SNBRN ft. Holly Winter

2. A Flume Tribute – TRAILS

 3. Fakin’ It – Kaskade & Felix Cartal (ft. Ofelia K)

Since I mentioned WINNER as a group in this post but didn’t pick a specific song, I’ll do it here.

4. Immature – WINNER

I actually really like the song “Immature.” It’s one of their underrated songs, but I think its really fun to listen to. Most of their songs are a bit slower, which I like just as much, but this song brings out a different side to the group, which I appreciate because they can have more fun on stage.

So that’s my monthly remix for the month of July! I hope you liked it and I’ll be back with another Weekly Replay post next week!


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