Wow this summer has flown by; it’s already the end of July! But this means that it’s time for a review on the products I’ve been using this past month!


Since it’s been a long time since I’ve done a monthly review post, let me briefly explain what they’re about.

Instead of doing a monthly favorites video or monthly favorites post, I wanted to do something similar to what one of my favorite YouTubers, Claire Marshall, does. Instead of favorites videos, she does monthly beauty review videos and does positive and negative reviews of products.

I didn’t want to copy her, so I decided to do my own version of these monthly reviews in blog form and include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This month will be dominated with beauty products though.



This is a PINK body mist from Victoria’s Secret. It’s in the scent Wild & Breezy. According to the bottle, the fragrance is a mix of red guava and passion flower. I would describe it as a fresh scent with a hint of sweetness.

I usually gravitate towards my other body sprays, but I’ve been reaching for this one the most recently. I think it’s because since summer tends to make us hot and sweaty, it’s nice to have a fragrance that smells fresh on your skin.


This is the super popular Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. It’s supposed to keep your makeup looking fresh all day and people swear by it. But I’m not completely sure about it.

I was hoping this spray would make my makeup look natural and keep me a little matte. When I spray this on my face, it does take away the powdery, matte look of my skin, which is nice, but I’m uncertain if it keeps my makeup on well all day. I have oily skin, so my skin tends to get oily about halfway through the day. I’ve noticed that my skin looks less oily and more dewy when I use this, but my face can feel a little sticky and oil starts coming through after a while.

I have the travel size version and I’m almost finished with the bottle, but I’m not completely sold on it. Since it’s my first setting spray. I think I’ll try the De-Slick setting spray next since that’s supposed to be formulated for oily skin.

Overall, I know that it does work for some people with oily skin and I wanted to like it, but I’m just not sure. If anything changes, I would definitely update in a future monthly review post.


I started trying out the Maybelline Fit Me foundation recently and I like it, although there are a couple cons.

One of the first cons was that it was difficult for me to find a good shade match, even though they have a large range of shades. It took me about 3 tries before I found a match I was satisfied with. The next con is that even though it’s the matte and poreless formula, it doesn’t keep me matte all day, but I’m currently overlooking that since it’s summer and it’s hard to keep makeup from melting off at the moment.

It does have a strange smell, but it fades quickly. I also wish the packaging had a pump or was a little more hygienic because it can get messy after a while inside the lid. 

The positives are that it’s a formula that feels lightweight on the skin and it provides medium coverage. My skin is behaving for now, so I don’t need a lot of coverage. It doesn’t have SPF, which helps with flash photography; I use a moisturizer with SPF in it already so I prefer using foundation without sunscreen.

Overall, it’s a good drugstore foundation that I would recommend trying out, but I’m sure there are better options out there.


This is a regular Burt’s Bees lip balm with a peppermint flavor. I started using this when I ran out of the chapstick I was using before. One of my habits is that I like to reserve a separate chapstick for my makeup collection so I don’t have to search through all my bags and backpacks to moisturize my lips while I apply my makeup.

I unexpectedly like this product. The peppermint scent grew on me and I think the minty flavor even slightly plumps my lips when I use it. I would definitely repurchase in the future.



Ever since I bought this eyeshadow quad, I’ve been using it nonstop. Whenever I want a natural look, I mix together the white and gold shades together. If I want some more definition in the eyes, I add a light layer of the dark brown into the outer corners, crease, and lower lashline. And when I want something in between, I use the more coppery shade.

I never expected to reach for this quad as much as I have in the last couple of months and I’ve been really enjoying it. I would highly recommend it since it’s a versatile palette and it’s also the only quad I’ve been taking whenever I travel.



Something that turned into one of my favorites this month was this lip product from NYX. It’s called Cannes and it’s actually a my lips but better shade for me.

When I purchased it, I thought it would be a pinky shade on my lips, but it actually looks really natural. I love the matte finish and it lasts for a good few hours on my lips as long as I don’t bother them too much or eat something messy. Since it’s summer and I haven’t gone to any special events, I’ve been sticking to more natural makeup and this helps me to look natural but still pull my makeup looks together.

So that’s my review for this month! I hope you enjoyed it and that it was helpful. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies next week!


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