Hello lovelies, and hello August! I can’t believe we only have 4 months left before 2016 ends; that’s pretty crazy. I know it’s such an overused phrase at this point, but where the hell has this year gone?

Anyways, for this week on Makeup Monday, I wanted to do a post on my essentials for a natural face of makeup, especially in this summer heat.



I definitely can’t go without these primers, especially during the summer. I use the Rimmel primer all over my face to smooth out my skin and I apply the Milani eye primer even with natural makeup in case I want to wear a light wash of eyeshadow and to keep my eyeliner in place.


Usually I wear foundation, but since my skin has cleared up a lot lately, I’ve been going without it. Instead, I use my Maybelline concealer to cover up my scarring and blemishes and even out my skin tone.


I’ve probably used this brow pencil for the last 4 years so it’s been with me for a while. These usually come in a pack of 2; I’ve only had to repurchase once and I’m currently on my 4th pencil. I don’t think it’s the best brow pencil out there, but it works for me since I prefer to have natural brows, not the “Instagram” brow.


Most of the time, I will use eyeliner and mascara, but if I had to pick between the 2, I would go with mascara for my natural look. I love to have defined lashes and focusing on the base of my eyelashes will also create some definition so it looks like I’m wearing eyeliner.


I switched to this blush after running out of my Milani Luminso and it took a while, but I think this one grew on me. It’s a very pretty pink that is a little bright on my skin, but I just dust it on lightly to give a flush of color to my face.


To keep my skin matte in the summer and year round, I powder my face with the popular Rimmel Stay Matte in translucent, focusing on my t-zone area.


And on my lips, I would normally use chapstick, but for the sake of this post, I picked out one of my most natural lipsticks. This is Stormy Sahara and it comes in a satin formula from the Maybelline Color Sensational line. It’s quite nude on the lips, so it’s a good everyday shade.

So those are my absolute essentials that I like to wear when I want to look more natural! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



    1. I like the RImmel primer because I feel like it helps my foundation go on better and it smooths out my skin a little bit, but that’s about it. I guess it depends on personal preference and what you’re looking for!


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