Hello lovelies, it’s time for another Weekly Replay! I can’t believe another week is almost gone!


I can definitely relate to the title this week because I think we’re all under pressure at a lot of points in our lives. School, work, relationships, and life decisions: they’re all stressful and we’re always under pressure to make the right choice in our lives.

I’m personally struggling with work and life decisions right now, such as what do I want my career path to look like, where should I work, where should I live, should I continue my schooling for a higher degree? Yeah…why do we grow up thinking that being an adult would be more fun than being a kid?

But anyways, when these kinds of situations come up, music always helps to relax me and take my mind off of things, so here’s what been on replay for me this week!

1. Under Pressure – DENM

2. Tables And Chairs – Pools

3. LADY – Noé

This song gives off a sexy feeling and it totally makes you feel like women are in charge, so this is totally a confidence-boosting song. Def recommend to all the girl bosses out there!

4. Japanese Wallpaper & Montgomery – Piñata (Kultur Remix)

Out of all the songs on my playlist, this would be the most listened to and my favorite song for the last couple weeks. I don’t know how to describe it, but I love everything about this song.

5. Rose – Lee Hi

And here’s my one Korean song that I picked for this week. Lee Hi is goals with her soulful music, deeper tone of voice, and gorgeous face, can we all just take a moment to take her in? This song has been stuck in my head for the last couple days and I find myself singing parts of it even though I don’t know the words, so that’s why it’s on this week’s weekly replay.

So that’s what made it on this week’s playlist! I hope you liked it and maybe you found some new songs to listen to! I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow. ☺


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