Hello lovelies! We’ve hit Friday, so you know what that means: the weekend! However, for me, this is my last weekend before school starts *sad face* so I’m dreading the upcoming Monday. But if you’re a school supply junkie like me, then keep reading to find out what my top 10 school essentials are!



#1: A backpack


In my opinion, if you’re in school, then a backpack is an essential! Some of us might prefer a tote bag or messenger bag, but I think a backpack gets the job done and gives your arms the most mobility since you’re carrying it on your back.

There are tons of backpacks out there, so take your pick among the sea of designs and colors! This is the backpack I used last year and it’s still going strong, although I’m replacing it soon (I wish I had this one though!).

#2: A binder with dividers


I like having everything in one place; that way you’ll never forget something for your class because it was in a different binder or folder. This binder is super simple but cute and it’s actually from Daiso, so super affordable!

The dividers are from Target and these are my favorite out of all the ones I’ve used throughout my academic career because they have pockets on both sides and are the most durable out of all the other dividers I’ve tried. And now all you have to do is organize your notes and assignments by class and there you go, a fast and easy way to stay organized!

#3: A sturdy notebook


Of course, there are those super cheap notebooks that do the trick, but I’ve grown to like 3 and 5 subject notebooks because just like the binder, it keeps everything in one place. Plus these Mead notebooks are super sturdy, so I think they’re worth the price if you still like to write your notes by hand.

#4 & 5: Pens/pencils and highlighters


Pen and pencils are crucial for school; you don’t wanna be that kid that always asks to borrow a pen or pencil (and then never returns it -_-).

And let me be honest: I’m not the type that uses highlighters on a regular basis, but I couldn’t resist picking these up because there’s actually a green highlighter in the pack (lol)! So now I’ve made a vow to use highlighters religiously (but don’t be that person that goes overboard with a rainbow of colors, haha).

#6: The “just in case kit”


So this is probably more handy for girls, but I decided that a “just in case” kit is necessary for school. Why? Well, you never know what could happen during the day.

I’ve dealt with 12 hour school days and they’re kinda brutal. You never know when you might get a cut or scrape, or maybe you tend to have dry skin. Or maybe it’s been a long day and you just want to tie your hair out of your face for your night class because at this point, it’s 8 pm and the entire class wishes they could be in their pj’s watching Netflix so who cares what you look like.

You can put anything in your kit; here I have a band-aid, hair tie, bobby pins, hand sanitizer, lotion, and chapstick. But you could throw in a granola bar, gum, travel size dry shampoo, a mini body spray, and the list goes on. And all you need is a pencil case or small makeup bag that you can re-purpose; here, I have a simple but cute pencil case from Daiso.

#7: Post-it notes


I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a sticky note person. I have them everywhere and they’re handy for writing down quick and small things that you need to remember during the school day. You can get these basically anywhere and I was gifted those sticky bookmarks from Daiso.

#8: Phone & earphones


Your phone is an essential, especially in college. No, it’s not so we can text during a boring lecture (although we usually do anyways); instead, phones are great for listening to music in between classes and there’s plenty of apps that can help us study or write down assignments if you’re not a fan of planners. I could probably live without my phone if I left it at home one day, but it’s just nice to have since we live in such a technology-driven world these days.

#9 & 10: Planner and waterbottle


Now it’s down to my last two essentials: a planner and a waterbottle. If you pay close attention to my blog, you can probably guess what school I go to, but if you don’t and you don’t know me personally, have fun guessing, haha.

Let’s be real here: who actually uses their planners on a daily basis? I know I don’t (but kudos to the people who do!), but I’m going to try my hardest to use one this year. I was gifted this planner, so I don’t want it to go to waste!

I was also gifted this waterbottle; honestly, I don’t know how people survive without bringing water to school. I’ve never been a fan of water fountains and water is all I drink so this is definitely an essential of mine. I love this reusable one because of its slim and tall design which makes it easy to fit in a backpack or bag and my school has water stations to refill your waterbottles, so that makes it perfect to bring to school.

So those are my top 10 essentials for school! Leave a comment letting me know what your essentials are down below; thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies next week!


Posted by:Annie

Annie is an ice cream enthusiast with a passion for fashion and beauty. In her free time, she enjoys pursuing other creative mediums such as photography and music. But usually, you can find her curled up in bed binge-watching shows #potatolife.


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