Hello lovelies! Today on Makeup Monday, let’s talk summer lippies!

Summer technically ends in less than a month, so we need to take advantage of these remaining weeks to break out our favorite summer lipstick shades before those beautiful vampy and dark brown nude shades come back for the fall.

I tend to lean towards peachy shades and warm pinks because I think they complement my skin tone the best, but I also threw in the brightest red I have which would also look amazing for these summer days. So here are some of my favorite lippies!




This is what Sugared Grapefruit looks like on me! As you can see, it looks pretty natural but it lends a peachy tint to my lips. I really like how this looks in real life because it’s really warm and has some kind of shimmer in it but it doesn’t look too sparkly.


This was one of the first lipsticks I ever bought through a recommendation from a lady at the Clinique counter and I used to wear this everyday. Now I always pull it out whenever I want something natural and pretty on my lips and I love when I forget about it and then rediscover it, haha.




This is Rimmel’s Kate Moss lipstick in 104. It’s something that I think would look different on every skin tone. I feel like it’s kind of hard to describe; it’s like a neutral pink because it looks like it has warm and cool tones in it. Sometimes I feel like the pink is sort of bright and at other times, I think it looks a bit more dull, as if it could be a pinky nude.


I like to pull out this lipstick when I want something in between a bright pink and a nude pink shade. It’s definitely one of those lipsticks you have to be in the mood for because I feel like it doesn’t look like a nude pink on my lips like how it does in the bullet. It’s also a little brighter in real life.



This is the lipstick I always go for when I want a pop of color on my lips. I absolutely love Pink Velvet by Revlon. It has a lot of pigment and brightens up my face whenever I feel like my skin looks dull.


I think I go through phases of wearing this depending on how bold I’m feeling; in my opinion, it’s definitely one of those quintessential summer colors if you like pink lipsticks. In real life, this lippie is even brighter!




Speaking of bright pinks, I also love this soft matte lip cream from NYX called Antwerp. It feels super comfy on the lips and it delivers a bright pink pigment without being overwhelming. I think it matches my skin tone super well even though it’s bright.


I like to pair this with simple eye makeup in order to let my lips get all the attention!



And here’s the bright red lippie I promised! As you can probably tell, this lipstick is super red and also super pigmented. I don’t wear this very often, but it definitely makes a statement when I do.



I think it’s a really great true red leaning a little bit to the warm side. I also think this would suit most skin tones, especially darker ones.

So those are my favorite summer lipsticks! I know I don’t go too crazy when it comes to brighter lip colors, but if you do, then go ahead and rock them! What are your favorite summer lipstick shades?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!



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