Wow, it’s my 100th post! Well, for this week’s Wishlist Wednesday, I’ll be talking about an eyeshadow palette that caught my eye and not only is it beautiful, but it’s super affordable!



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This is Makeup Revolution’s new eyeshadow palette called Fortune Favors the Brave. It’s available at Ulta and it’s only $15.

All photos sourced from Google images

As seen in the photo, this palette holds a combination of matte and shimmer colors and there are 30 pans of eyeshadows. In addition, there are also some mixed shades that have streaks of color running through them.

The mixed shades are what caught my eye. We’ve seen these types of mixed colors with streaks inside a pan with highlights and blushes and I’m sure there are eyeshadows that do this, but this is my first time seeing this being incorporated into a palette, which is why this product looks so cool to me.


The palette claims to have every color you might ever need, from light brightening shades to deep colors such as navy, black, and green that can work for any age and any skin tone. With this palette, people should be able to create many different looks.

Judging from some reviews that I’ve seen and these swatches, it looks like this palette has some nice pigment and is worth the money. In other words, I think I need to take this off my wishlist and pick this up if it’s not sold out.

So that’s what’s on my wishlist this week! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies on Friday!


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