Hello lovelies, today I’m going to be doing a drugstore makeup haul with some products that I picked up recently!




This is a repurchase of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer, but this time, I bought it in the shade medium because it matches my skin tone better so it’s perfect for concealing blemishes. On a good skin day, I can even get away with using this as my only base product!


This product is also a repurchase. I like this because I’m not very picky with brow gel. Additionally, the clear mascara side is nice for when I want my lashes to be a bit stiffer and it helps the mascara grab on to my lashes better.


I bought this after the lid on my previous one broke and I hit pan on it. Since it’s so cheap, I don’t mind repurchasing it and it’s great as an all-over eyeshadow base.



This is possibly my new favorite lipstick! It’s called Teak Rose and it’s quite pink, but on my lips it looks like a natural flush of color.

It’s perfect for when I want to add some color to my face and I would say it’s like the more subdued sister of Revlon’s Pink Velvet lipstick.



And these are the Jordana lipliners I picked up! Since my lipstick collection has grown immensely, I’ve decided to move on to lipliners. I never thought I would get into them, but they are a nice base to have before lipstick or gloss.

Tawny is a very natural liner with a pink tone to it. It can be worn alone or with other lipsticks.

I thought Rose was out of my comfort zone because of how bright the packaging is, but I think it actually looks pretty good on the lips. It’s a lighter pink, but it’s not as as intense as I expected. I’m excited to use it and mix it with different lip colors.

So that’s my drugstore makeup haul! What have you been loving at the drugstore lately? Let me know in the comments; thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!