Hello lovelies! Today on Wishlist Wednesday, I wanted to talk about a palette that just released a few days ago in Ulta stores and that has recently entered my wishlist!


That palette is the Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette! It’s a brand new, limited edition, holiday palette with a mixture of gorgeous shimmery and matte shades. I’m more of a matte girl, but I can’t deny that shimmers and mattes mixed together on the eyes create a lot of dimension and appeal to the eyes compared to just matte shadows.

All photos sourced from Google Images

The shade range looks amazing in my opinion since I’m a fan of more toned down colors, but there are still some experimental shades, such as the dark violet reds, some pinks, and grayish blue tones.

I think the colors in this palette could create so many different looks without being too in your face or over the top. I’m not one to wear extremely bright colors on my lids, so this is perfect for me.

Plus, it’s limited edition, which is making me want to get it more since I don’t want to miss out, but I think my wallet would cry a little since it would set me back about $59.


Although the colors are gorgeous, I have heard that Lorac palettes tend to have a lot of kick-up with their shadows, which is when the shadows get a bit powdery and messy when you go to dip your brush in them. And even though the packaging is breathtaking with the white and rose gold color scheme, I can only imagine how messy it might get.

Besides that, I have also heard that Lorac does make well-pigmented shadows that blend well on the eyes, so if you can overlook the fact that it might get a little messy when you do your eye makeup, this palette could still be a winner for you.


I’m personally itching to get this eyeshadow palette since it’s limited edition and I’m drawn to the blue-gray shadows, but I think I’ll hold off for now because of the price tag. But let’s just take a moment to admire how beautifully made this palette is. Big thumbs up to Lorac for the amazing packaging and shades.~

So that’s what ended up on my wishlist this week! Let me know what products you’ve been lusting after in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies soon!



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