Hello lovelies, welcome back to Makeup Monday! Today I’m going to be doing a haul of my new lip colors that I  bought and received a little while ago!




These Colourpop lippies were gifted to me from a friend (thanks again ☺), but I was looking to buy this particular one in the past so I was super happy when I received it from my friend.

Colourpop does not joke around with their pigmentation and their formulas are super opaque. Because of that, this shade turned out like a neon coral orange color on my lips, which didn’t flatter my skin tone at all. My face looked really tan compared to the rest of my body and my lips almost glowed in the dark, haha.

This is called Botanical and I think this would look so much better on people with deeper skin tones or a really light skin tone.

In order for it to work on me, I like to mix it with a dark red lipliner (Rimmel’s Wine) and use a little bit at a time until I get my desired look. I might do a makeup post in the future on it so you’ll be able to see what it looks like!


This beautiful color is called Ouiji and also looks very bright on me. I think this would look great in the spring and summer, but if I want to make it work for the upcoming winter months, I’m sure that the same dark red lipliner would help darken it a little.

I haven’t played around with this shade as much, but it’s a really pretty color that I would describe as a bright pink.


This last color is called Viper and it’s my favorite out of the three because it’s the most appropriate for the fall and winter and I can wear it as is because it flatters my skin tone the most.

It’s a mauve purple shade that stays on the lips super well since it’s an ultra matte lip. This is my first time trying the ultra matte formula and I’m so surprised at how well it stays on. It really doesn’t transfer until you use makeup remover!


As you can see, all these colors are very pigmented.



These next lipsticks are products that I’m obsessed with at the moment. The formula is amazing: it goes on moisturizing with some shine and dries down to a comfortable velvet finish. It doesn’t stay on all day, but I don’t mind because I love how it feels and smells when I reapply it anyways. Plus, they smell sooo good!

This first lip color is called Naughty Nude from Rimmel’s The Only One collection. It’s a really pretty pinky nude and I’ve been loving wearing it because it’s natural but gives my lips enough pigment to add some color to my face.



The other lip color I got is called Under My Spell. This is a berry purple color that is perfect for the fall, but I still haven’t worn it yet because it’s still warm in southern California. I know you can wear any color anytime, but that’s just my personal preference, haha.


I want to get the rest of the shades because I love this collection, but we’ll see, haha.

So that wraps up my little lipstick haul. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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