Hello lovelies, here’s what’s on my wishlist this week!

Before we start, I wanted to address how I didn’t write a post yesterday. Honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to write anything. Last night took a toll on many of us and the last thing I wanted to do was be all bubbly and write about an outfit or beauty products.

I still don’t know how to feel about everything, but my current mindset is to proceed with caution, but don’t stop moving forward. And although I seem to say that with confidence, the reality is that I’m typing this behind a computer screen and in real life, I’m very worried and scared for the future. But time will tell how everything plays out…

Anyways, let’s steer ourselves back to what this post is actually about. In case you aren’t sure what Wishlist Wednesday is, it’s basically a series where I write about items I wish I had, with no limit on the price or brand since it’s just wishful thinking.

I do like to include affordable items as well in the case I might end up purchasing it one day, but I don’t usually look at price tags for these posts, which makes it an ultimate online window shopping experience every week, haha.

All photos sourced from Google Images/store websites

Today, I’m going to talk about bomber jackets! This outerwear piece has become a major trend in the last couple of years and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. They’ve popped up everywhere, from fast fashion stores to higher end brands.

They’re pretty practical since they’re thick enough to keep you warm, and they come in so many styles and colors nowadays that there’s something for everyone. But usually they give off a very sporty chic vibe that so many people are into right now combined with the rise of athleisure wear.

I picked out 4 jackets here that are all under $100 so in my opinion, they’re somewhat of a splurge, but also a good investment if you want a good quality jacket.


buy here

This jacket looks super luxurious because of the velvet texture, but it’s actually affordable for about $70. It’s from Young and Reckless, which I think looks like a pretty cool brand for those looking for sporty chic wear and it also falls under that whole Californian/LA look.

I have a friend that actually owns this jacket, so I can attest that it looks just as dreamy online and in real life!


buy here

This next jacket is definitely up my alley. I love the color since it’s a little different from the typical olives, navy, and black bomber jackets. However, this is still a neutral color that could go with lots of different outfits.

Something else I also really like about this faux suede jacket is that since it’s a lighter neutral, you could wear this year round for fall/winter days and spring/summer nights! This is from Missguided and it costs about 60 bucks.


buy here

Wait what pink, who am I?

Okay, so I normally steer far, far away from pinks because I love my blues, but I’m sort of having a thing for blush tones right now. I think as long as it’s a super light pink, I don’t mind.

This jacket has a touch of varsity jacket feel with the darker pink stripes and it looks nicely structured. This is from American Eagle Outfitters and it’s also pretty affordable for the quality at around $60.


buy here

This last jacket is more expensive than the rest, but still makes it under the $100 mark. It’s £79, which is about $98.

This piece is from & Other Stories, which is just a bit more high-end than the other brands. It’s a satin bomber jacket that is definitely a looker with that shine. It’s quite simple, but I know I would love a jacket like this since it’s blue and it would go with a lot of things in my wardrobe.

So that’s my Wishlist Wednesday for this week! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe it helped you like the bomber jacket trend or showed you some places where you could find a nice jacket for the fall and winter months.

Like I said earlier, this jacket shows up everywhere from Forever 21 to Givenchy, so depending on how much you want to invest in this trend, there are plenty of options out there!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!






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