Hello lovelies, today I’m coming at ya with some beautiful and easy hairstyles for the fall!


I’ll admit, I’m definitely the type of girl that’s too lazy to style my hair every day. I already have low maintenance hair but I usually don’t go beyond brushing and air drying it. My hair probably looks a lot better when it’s styled, but it’s just pure laziness (and sometimes not enough time) that keeps me from doing anything with it.

However, here are some hairstyles that I think are worth trying out this fall and maybe it’ll inspire all us lazy girls to do something with our hair!


Braids are always super useful because even the smallest of braids will make it look you tried to put some effort into your hair when you did try…for like a minute.

These tiny braids are really simple and cute; I think they look best with wavy/curly hair, but straight hair would look good as well!


For all of you who jumped on the lob trend this year, taking the time to add some messy waves into your hair makes all the difference with volume and looking a little more chic. You’ll look like you just rolled out of bed, but that’s the look that everyone’s been loving.

Some of you might not need to be told to add some waves into your hair, but for people who have naturally straight hair like me, it takes a little bit more time to make your hair look like this.


When in doubt, just pin it up! And add a cute hair accessory while you’re at it. This hairstyle is so simple yet makes you look way more put together.


Messy buns are good all year long, but I think the idea of a messy bun with a sweater, scarf, and jacket makes you look all cozy and effortlessly pretty.


This is actually a haircut, but I thought I would include it because I think bangs are a lot more convenient in the cooler months since you’re not sweating as much from the summer sunshine. I also get a fall/winter vibe from them because they can give you a softer, romantic look that can be associated with bundling up in cold weather.

Of course, different types of bangs give you different looks, but bangs that are more on the wispy, lighter side tend to look a little more romantic. Plus, if you’re looking for a quick makeover, this is the fastest way to make a difference, although it will require a commitment if you end up maintaining them or even growing them out.

I’ve actually had bangs several times in my life and about 2 years ago around this time, I had the urge to get bangs and then I kept that style for about a whole year. Here’s what I looked like with bangs!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


Going back to the whole braid trend, this is another type of braid going through the hair at the front. The difference is that this is a fishtail braid and the hair is straight. The key to making this look casual but chic is to let some hair fall out at the sides and just let it be messy.

You don’t even have to use braids if you don’t want to; twisting your hair at the sides will work just as well as long as it you keep it a little loose and messy.

So those are some of the hair ideas I found that I think would look great this autumn! Searching through all these hairstyles made me realize how much I can do with my hair and reminded me that I should probably experiment more with these styles.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you found it helpful; I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


Posted by:Annie

Annie is an ice cream enthusiast with a passion for fashion and beauty. In her free time, she enjoys pursuing other creative mediums such as photography and music. But usually, you can find her curled up in bed binge-watching shows #potatolife.

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