Hi lovelies, I’m really excited about this week’s Wishlist Wednesday! Check out which sweaters I’ve been lusting after this week!

So I’m in the middle of a serious love affair with sweaters at the moment. BUT the problem is that it’s still freaking warm in southern California.

Nonetheless, I’m hoping that the weather cools down soon so that I can immerse myself in sweater land already. And with that, I’m going to show you a gazillion sweaters that I wish I had.  🙂



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This sweater is from Uniqlo and I think it looks really simple but cool. It’s blended mohair and it’s a super loose, over-sized sweater that would be perfect for casual days.

To me, it gives off a mature vibe, but it’s definitely something I would wear, although I would prefer to try this on in store to make sure it flatters my body because this looks like it could be a tricky silhouette.



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I’m totally feeling the idea of fluffy sweaters ever since I saw a video of Annabelle from CatCreature wearing one. It’s at the start of this video here!

As I was searching though websites, I did see fluffy sweaters pop up here and there and I also saw one really similar to hers at Forever 21, so it could become a bigger trend in the future since fast fashion has been producing them.

Anyways, I love the pastel blue, the fluffiness, and I would prefer if it wasn’t cropped, but it looks like it would fit well.


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I got pretty excited for this sweater when I saw it; it has a boatneck neckline and lantern sleeves and then I really like the little design of the holes throughout the sweater. Ugh, I just love it, I don’t know what else to say, haha.


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This is such a plain sweater, but I feel like some of my plainer sweaters are the ones I would probably get the most wear out of since you can wear them when you’re lazy or dress it up with different accessories and outerwear.

This would be perfect if it was over-sized and if it’s as soft as it looks, I would probably never want to take it off, haha.


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I saw this in navy first, but I realized I already have a navy sweater in this post, so I choose this pretty, rich green one. I really like this one because of the scallop hem and sleeves, which is what this sweater is all about and makes it different.



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I would have preferred if this sweater was styled with different bottoms in this photo, but you get the gist of how it looks. I’ve also been loving mustard in sweaters so I think this would be another great casual sweater to throw on for the winter months.


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This sweater is definitely not for everyone, but I love how funky it looks. I think I tend to go for more masculine, chunky, over-sized sweaters so this caught my eye immediately. It also comes in a cardigan style if you’d prefer that instead!


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So this sweater is also a possible hit and miss. I feel like this is something that I would periodically get tired of and then rediscover over and over again. It’s unique but it’s also a bit sophisticated so I could probably wear this for many years to come if I owned it.



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This is sort of another plain sweater, but it has pockets!! I don’t know about you, but I love it when clothes have pockets, haha.

It’s a cableknit turtleneck sweater in a classic style and I feel like this will be wearable for several seasons to come. It looks super cute and cozy and I want this so badly too!



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This is such a quirky sweater so it’s more of a trend than a classic, but I love it anyways. I found this on the Nordstrom website, but the link will take you to the Wildfox site.

My favorite parts are the smiley face and how it says “duh” on it, but it’s really cool and cute overall! This is quite a pricey sweater, so I won’t be owning this anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right?

So those are the sweaters that I really wish I had/want to buy! I hope you enjoyed this post as much I liked making it! Now the weather just needs to cool down already so I can finally layer and wear cute sweaters like these ones. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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