Hi lovelies! Today for Wishlist Wednesday, I’m going to be doing a holiday gift guide for the Christmas season! It’s going to be divided into three parts and I’ll be covering all the different types of people in your life and the presents to buy for any budget!



The One Who Loves to be Healthy

We all probably have a friend or two who’s trying to get healthy, or maybe they’ve succeeded at making fitness and health a part of their daily life. Either way, it couldn’t hurt to get them these gifts to help them out!




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This is almost everyone’s water bottle of choice these days, and for good reason. It carries a large amount of water and drinking it is as easy as flipping up the bite valve and then gulping down that H2O in order to stay hydrated.

This is a great gift to get because most people don’t drink enough water, and there are so many benefits to drinking enough water!


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I know this is the part where I should add some cute running shoes or workout clothes, but instead of possibly getting their shoe size or shirt size wrong, why not help them out with the diet side of things? I mean, getting in shape is 80% diet and 20% exercise, right?

These notepads are super handy because you can plan out your meals for the week and also create your weekly grocery list! Sure, we can always just write it out ourselves, but doesn’t it look way nicer on a notepad like this? And it’ll probably come in handy for your friend who’s trying to keep their diet in check!




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If you know me or you’ve seen a few of my blog posts, you might know that I love stationery. I wrote about stationery on last week’s Wishlist Wednesday and I’m still as obsessed with planners as I was at the beginning of this year, as seen in this post here. I would still love this planner, but I thought I would pick out some other ones too!

This monthly planner from Paper Source is something that intrigued me; I never thought I would be into monthly planners because I love daily ones, but I think this would be good for my post-graduation life (unless I somehow get super busy) or if I want to dedicate a planner to organize and plan out my blog posts.

Monthly planners are usually a lot thinner and more compact too, so if you know someone who likes to be a bit more minimal, they might like this!


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So for a planner that’s more similar to the one I currently have, this one from Poketo is simplistic but pretty. There are plenty of other styles too if you want to match your friend’s taste, but this brand seems to have pretty minimalist designs.

Overall, planners are a great gift for someone who’s usually the organized type or wants to be organized!


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If you want to get a small gift that can be thoughtful, practical, and aesthetically pleasing, these pens from Anthropologie are super nice!


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I also think this pencil cup and paper sorter are so nice-looking! It’s an easy way to make your desk look amazing and stay organized!

If you want a cheaper version of this, you can DIY it yourself by buying something similar at a place like Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart and then spray-painting it gold!




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If you know someone who’s moved out into an apartment or bought a new home, chances are buying some homeware will be greatly appreciated.

I thought this metal wire basket would be good for holding mail. I specifically picked a smaller container so that there’s only room for bills and letters and it won’t become cluttered with advertisements and other junk. Again, you could DIY this too with the same spray painting process!


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Candles are always a safe gift to get because it’s practical and if they don’t use it, it still looks nice as a house decoration.


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Okay, so I’m still new to adulting, especially the kind that involves housewarming parties or adult gatherings in general. However, I think this would be a good gift to bring to a housewarming, especially if you’re early to the party and you can help set it up to use right away!

This is a shot set, but I’m pretty sure you can put whatever liquid you want in it (those shot glasses look pretty big anyways, haha). And if they’re the type of people who like to have outdoor parties, then they’ll probably get a lot of use out of this!




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So I guess these gifts are cheesy because they have the typical map design, but I think maps are a really good pattern and they’re nice to look at (for a lack of better words, I’m pretty brain-dead right now). I also think these are great for the jetsetter in your life.

So this desk calendar is something that probably works for the organizational and home accessories categories too! But it’s also nice for your friend or family member who likes to travel so this would probably fit well in their life.


buy here

This is probably a more interesting gift because it’s actually pretty cool! Basically, it’s a poster of the world and you can scratch off the places you’ve been so I guess that’s something that would be useful for someone who wants to keep track of all the places they’ve been.

So those are all the presents I’ve picked out for this week; I was going to add more, but this is going up pretty late so I’ll save the rest for next week! I hope this gift guide was helpful and part 2 will come out next Wednesday!

Today was my last day of classes, so that’s a mini relief, but now I just have a bunch of finals to study for and papers to write *internally cries*. So bear with me if it seems like my blog posts are going up late at night! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


P.S: I hope y’all caught my Friends reference! 🙂


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