Happy Friday! I’ve always wanted to do a post geared towards any guys who might come across this blog, so I thought, what better way to do that than to show all the menswear that’s inspired me lately?

Menswear is so cool to me; as much as I love “girly” stuff such as makeup, cute shoes, and nail polish, I definitely also have a tomboy side in me. I love to build things, climb things, and I love men’s clothing.

And I’m not trying to play gender roles; I’m just saying that stereotypically, girls aren’t usually interested in these types of things. But I am, and I also love to play around with men’s fashion. So here are some men’s outfits that have inspired me lately!


I love how the tones of the sweater, the ripped jeans, and the white sneakers go together here.


I consider this a little bit like a grunge look because of the all-black ensemble and messy hair. This isn’t the style I gravitate towards, but I really like this outfit.


This look is something I see a lot in men’s fashion these days. I have to say, I do like Adidas sneakers, bomber jackets, and a good baseball cap.


I’m a little obsessed with plaid shirts, and this one’s no exception. I especially like the white contrasted lines going through the black, navy, and dark green.


This is a quite polished outfit with some casual touches. I love trench coats and trousers on guys, and I like the pop of color with the argyle socks and some sneakers to make it a little more casual.


Again, another outfit with the bomber jacket trend. I love the rose gold zipper on this jacket and I like how he paired it with some nude Chelsea boots.


Lastly, this outfit falls into the sporty category because of the jacket and shoes. I think this is part of the hypebeast style as well, which I think is pretty cool. I also like the way this photo was taken.

So that’s my style inspiration for this week! I hope you guys might have found this post helpful and I’ll see y’all next week!