Happy New Year lovelies! Keep reading to see my outfit of the day and some of my thoughts about the new year!


When you think about it, time is actually a social construct. We’ve all been made to think that January 1st is the beginning of a new year and a fresh, blank slate for us to start over on.

In reality, it’s just another day. Technically, that blank slate doesn’t exist. We can’t just erase the last year like it never happened. As much as we want to forget, a new year doesn’t get rid of all your bad memories and you don’t wake up as a brand new, happy person.


But, that doesn’t mean we can’t take it as a way to make a fresh start. I didn’t have the best 2016, so as much as I don’t really believe in all the new year stuff, I’m going to use 2017 as a new chapter in my life. Plus, I feel really hopeful for this year.


Jacket – Old Navy

I also wrote a post last month about starting resolutions in December, and so far, I think I’m doing pretty well. If you want to read about my resolutions, you can take a look at them here.


Dress- Kohl’s

Because I started on my resolutions last month, I feel a lot more positive about them this year. Like I’ve said in the past, you can change anytime you want. We are not limited to time and space; we are humans with free will and we’re also not bound to who we were yesterday, last week, or even 15 minutes ago. So we’re allowed to change whenever we want. I started my change about a month ago and I hope things continue to look up from here.


But I think another thing we need to remember is that people also assume the new year equates to immediate change. If we have extremely good discipline, we can do basically anything, but most of us need time to adjust to big changes in our lives. In addition, nobody is perfect, and we’re all bound to make mistakes along the way. But that’s not a bad thing.


We’ve been told that mistakes are negative and that we should avoid them, but that’s not true. We should enjoy our mistakes just as much as our successes, because it’s all part of the journey.


Bracelet – Choies

Overall,  I hope everyone had a happy new year! I spent my first day in bed relaxing and binge-watching YouTube videos, haha. But it’s back to work today!


As we go on our journeys to reach our goals, I hope we can remember that even though we should work hard to achieve our dreams, we shouldn’t take life too seriously. Don’t forget to have fun and make some happy memories!


Boots – Payless (even though these make me almost 3 inches taller, they’re so comfortable!)

Well, that’s my OOTD post for today! I hope you enjoyed my sharing some thoughts and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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