Hello lovelies! Welcome back to Wishlist Wednesday! Today I want to talk about chelsea boots!


This week, I wanted to declare my love for chelsea boots because they seem very versatile and trendy without being a fad. Since they also have ties to the equestrian world, I don’t think this style is going anywhere anytime soon and I think of it as a classic boot.

Not only can they help pull an outfit together, they usually don’t have a heel, so they can work for long days on your feet without straining them.

I think having a pair of chelsea boots are great because they’re casual but also classy and they can work for a variety of different occasions. Here are some that I’d love to own!


buy here

I’m not completely sure whether these are men’s or women’s boots, but either way I’d love to own boots like these. I love me some neutrals!


buy here

We haven’t had rain in California in what feels like decades, but us Californians love any opportunity to whip out our trench coats, heavy sweaters and scarves, and…rain boots! These past few weeks have definitely delivered enough rain to warrant the use of rain boots, but I would wear these even if it wasn’t raining.

I love the navy color and how matte they are; I think I would get lots of wear out of these. They also come in a burgundy shade!


buy here

Lastly, this is the most classic look when it comes to chelsea boots in my opinion. Black (or brown) is the go-to color for boots and this would definitely go with everything. These are pretty pricey, but if chelsea boots are all you wear, this would probably be a solid investment.

So that’s what’s on my Wishlist Wednesday this week! I hope you liked it and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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