Hello lovelies, today on Wishlist Wednesday, I’ll be talking about a shoe style that popped up in the last few seasons: block heels!


I love shoes, and I’m sure lots of you can relate as well; there’s just so many cute styles out there! I don’t buy them as often as I do with tops or accessories, but sometimes I get into one of those phases where I just need to get my hands on a bunch of new shoes (can anyone relate, haha?).

Sadly, I have slightly problematic feet so I can’t just purchase any shoes and have them fit me perfectly, much less be painless. Most of the shoes I wear hurt my feet so it’s a little frustrating, but I just deal with it. When I do end up finding comfy shoes, I wear them to pieces, haha.

Anyways, I brought this up because block heels were a trend I really wanted to try, but I hesitated because 1) I was worried that they wouldn’t be comfortable to wear and 2) I don’t have many occasions to wear them to.

But I got this pair from Payless (as I do with lots of my shoes because they sell such comfortable shoes!) and I love them! I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a shorter version of the block heel without breaking the bank and for comfort as well.


buy here

Payless has definitely stepped up their game over the years; I remember thinking they weren’t a very impressive brand, but when I recently stopped to think about the shoes I currently own and wear often, most of them are from Payless. They work with my problematic feet and they’ve been keeping up with the trends lately (by the way, I’m not being sponsored; I just truly like their shoes right now!)

In addition, if you’re looking for a higher heel, they also have another version of this shoe if you want the extra height!


buy here

I initially wanted these heels because I fell in love with them when I began my search for block heels. But the price tag was a little too high for me and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered shoes online since my feet are tricky to find shoes for.

Plus, they’re lovely but they’re a bit on the fancier side, so I’m not sure where and when I’d be able to wear them out. My goal when I was looking to buy block heels were to find ones that were versatile and could serve to dress up fancy and casual outfits.


buy here

These block heels from Urban Outfitters are super cute and work perfectly for the spring with a pop of pastel color and the heel is low enough to wear them with lots of casual outfits!


buy here

Need some heels for work but still want to be stylish? I’m pretty sure this pair of block heels will adhere to the dress code at work, especially since work environments are continuing to become more casual over time. They’re closed toe shoes, and the low heel is bound to be more comfortable for a long day at work.

These come in a variety of neutral shades, but I would personally pick the white for my lifestyle, although I would also wear them to work since it’s an unexpected color. The only issue would be making sure they stay nice and clean!


buy here

These heels are for the more badass girls out there. I think these shoes would look really look good with leather jackets and band tees. You might not wear these to any formal events, but they can still work for a multitude of occasions if you’re going for an effortless cool girl/grunge vibe.


buy here

These transparent lucite heels with a silver accent make a statement and sort of tread the fine line between tacky and fashionable. I get flashbacks of the early 2000s from these shoes, but they might just look so unfashionable that they are fashionable if that makes any sense. The updated design does make them look pretty good though.

So those are my picks for the block heels I wish I owned! All of these shoes would work for different occasions so I wish I had the ability to buy them all, but for now, I’ll stick to my new comfy block heels from Payless (which is definitely not a bad thing!).

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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