Hello lovelies! Easter is this weekend, so here’s what I plan to wear to celebrate the holiday!


Necklace – Forever 21

I don’t how much this resembles an Easter outfit, but at the very least it’s a cute spring ensemble that can work for a family event or a dressy get-together with friends.


Coat – Marshalls

The camera doesn’t do it nearly enough justice, but this is a pastel mint green duster coat that I fell in love with, but also had buyer’s remorse over.


Even though I tend to be more attracted to classic cuts and styles these days, I couldn’t help but wonder if I really needed this coat in my wardrobe. On top of that, it was a colored clothing item, which always freaks me out a little bit since I usually stick to neutral outerwear so it can go with everything. But I guess this is sort of neutral, right?


Basically, it was an impulse buy (although I had been thinking about buying a duster coat for a while) and I contemplated returning it for over a week. But in the end, I kept it, vowing to make sure I wear it often so I can get the most out of my cost per wear.


The coat comes with pockets, which is always a plus!


I also purchased this coat in the winter, so I’ve been waiting for the springtime to bring this out so that it matches the season. It’s a lightweight jacket, so it won’t provide much warmth, but it’s a great layering piece to instantly make you look put together.


Top – Kohl’s

I bought this top a couple years ago at Kohl’s when crop tops were everywhere. Fast forward to now, and crop tops are still a popular choice.

I only started wearing this recently because I’ve always been insecure about wearing tighter tops, but this crop top has a bit more give so you can still eat a meal without worrying about a visible food baby, haha.


Jeans -American Apparel

These high-waisted jeans get a lot of wear since I like the look of them with shorter tops.


Heels- Payless

These are my newest shoes and I love them to pieces already! The low heel makes them super comfortable to wear, and they’re comfy overall!

I mentioned these heels in my most recent Wishlist Wednesday post and I’m super happy that I gave into the block heel trend. It’s the finishing touch to a classy outfit and I like how flattering they are for petite and tall people!

So that’s my outfit of the day! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you lovelies next week! Happy Easter!


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