Hello lovelies! Today let’s talk about the spring makeup trends that you can wear in real life!

Every season, the runway comes out with all these different makeup looks and hairstyles, but it can be easy to get overwhelmed and think that you can’t wear any of them in real life. But after doing some research, I found what I think are the most wearable makeup trends for this spring!



Wearing a bright lip seems to always become a trend when spring and summer roll around.


The red lip is always a classic, but this season all types of colors like peach and red-orange are trending. I personally like wearing a bright lipstick about once or twice a week; I think it brings a look together, especially if you’re wearing light eye makeup.



This is such an easy trend to do because you only need one eyeshadow! And all you have to do is place the color all over the lid. It’s nice if you use brighter colors, but using a neutral shade such as a taupe shadow or something muted will also work just as well.




Shimmers and glitters are a year-round trend, but we usually save the super sparkly looks for the holidays. But why not bring it out for the warmer seasons? To make it wearable, just use a shimmery shadow and add glitter for nights out. It’ll be a great way to draw some attention to your eyes without going overboard!



Smoky eyes are always coming back in and out on the runways, but it still remains a staple look when trying to create a sultry vibe. The photo above is a neater version of the look, but several designers chose to use messy smoky eyes this season.

However, for a day-to-day look or for an evening event, this would be perfect. You can either use a dark eyeliner to line your upper and bottom lids, smudge a dark shadow on your lid, or do both to vamp up your look even further. Load up your lashes with a great mascara or falsies and you’ll be catching everyone’s eyes in no time!

So those are the trends that I found were really prominent for this spring! Of course, you can always do more if that’s what you want, but I think for the majority of us that don’t always have fancy events to go to and might also be a little scared of going out of our comfort zone, these are wearable trends that most of us can try!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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