Hello lovelies! This week’s Wishlist Wednesday will be about watches so don’t waste any time (get it, haha?) checking it out!


Watches are such beautifully-crafted accessories, and it’s such a shame that they’re becoming outdated with the increased use of smartphones. I hope more of us will continue to invest in watches and remember that’s it’s not supposed to be just an accessory that sits on our wrists.


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I talked about this brand in one of my first posts on this blog and I’m still lusting over them. They’re so simple yet aesthetically pleasing and they come in a variety of colors.


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This navy blue watch is gorgeous. It’s a hybrid smartwatch from Fossil; I probably don’t need all those extra features, but it all seems very cool (and complicated).


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Blue is my favorite color, which is why I gravitate towards it so much. In reality, I’d love a neutral-colored watch, but I love the idea of a dark blue watch as well. What really sold me on this Movado watch was the celestial detailing. Apparently, that detail is meant to track the day, date and moon phase, which sounds amazing!


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I discovered Ted Baker watches last night as I was doing my research for this post and I have to say, I think I’ve fallen in love with their watches. This one in particular fits my style (at least this time it’s a baby blue, haha), but all their other watches are lovely. I’m just so impressed by their current floral collection!


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Moving into gold territory, this classic gold watch from Guess is exactly the type of watch I want. I especially like the different textures on the face of the watch because of how it creates dimensions and layers on it.


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If I had to go for a simplistic gold watch, this would be it. Nixon watches are a pretty great brand, so I would definitely consider buying from them someday!

So that’s another Wishlist Wednesday done! Let me know what’s on your wishlist in the comments! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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