Hi, lovelies! We made it to the end of another week! Here’s an OOTD for y’all! ☺



Purse – bebe

If you weren’t able to tell, today’s OOTD title was inspired by the song “Sweater Weather.” It’s a song I used to listen to a few years ago and it made me reminisce on the memories I’ve had in the last 4 years, which is bittersweet.


Denim jacket – gifted from the 90s lol

I had so many more adventures in my first 3 years of college. There were lots of late-night outings and crazy days, and I sort of miss it. Of course, I also feel older and more mature now so I’ve grown out of “partying” (aka socializing events) and it’s harder to go on spontaneous adventures when you have to think about work, school, and other commitments now.


Shoes – Target

But I know I’m young so I hope I can go on bigger adventures outside of the occasional night out at a party or clubs to meet up with friends. I want to travel and see all the amazing architecture, cultures, and views that this world has to offer.


Hoodie – Old Navy

It’s so easy to think that our world is small and to stick with what we know while we focus on only working hard and being successful. We don’t prioritize traveling and having fun because we can only see the path in front of us. We don’t take the time to look at our surroundings or to even look up at the sky.


Jeans – Old Navy

But I hope in the future, more of us can accept a gap year before college, a gap year after college, and time off when we need it. I feel like too many of us overwork ourselves and it’s not healthy.

In a time when mental health is not taken seriously yet, I wish there was a way to promote mental health awareness and to encourage everyone to lead less stressful lives.


I know I’ve dealt with my stressors and I’m sure almost all of us has gone through something stressful in our lives so I hope one day we can all come together and promote healthy living not just physically, but mentally as well.


So let’s try to make an effort to not be such workaholics and if we’re stressed, to talk it out instead of holding it in. Take the time you deserve to calm yourself down and travel to places you’ve never been before. Life is too long and short at the same time to not experience this incredible planet we live on.


I don’t know how I got to write this post today; it was supposed to be a simple explanation of my outfit, but today’s words just kind of flowed out for me. I hope you still enjoyed it anyways and I hope you enjoy this well-needed weekend! Take a break and relax! ☺ I’ll see you lovelies next week!


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