Hi there lovelies! For today’s Makeup Monday post, we’ll be talking about my favorite lip products for the springtime!

As soon as the first flower blooms, we’re probably tempted to throw out all our dark colors and play around with some brighter shades.

I’m personally drawn to warm pinks, corals, and some lighter red hues. I think those are the perfect colors to symbolize the spring and summer seasons. So here are my top picks that I’ll be rocking this spring!


This is the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Ouija. For my skin tone, this is almost a neon coral pink color so this is a really intimidating shade to wear. But I found my way around it by either using only a couple dabs on the lips and blending it out or mixing it with a wine lipliner to darken the color and match my skin better!



This lippie from NYX is super fun to wear when you’re in the mood for a bright pink. Since it’s a soft matte lip cream, it’s not too drying on the lips and it’s not too bright to the point where you would feel uncomfortable wearing it out in public, at least that’s how I feel!


Pink Velvet from Revlon has been one of my favorite lip colors for years now; I always find myself gravitating towards it when I’m in a good mood.  You’ll definitely see me wearing this shade for the spring!


For a subtle coral shade to wear this season, the shade 905 from Kiko Milano is a really great choice! It looks super natural on the lips and I think it would be compatible with many different skin tones! It’s also moisturizing so it won’t last all day, but at least it’s comfortable to wear on the lips.


Lastly, this is Rimmel’s One of a Kind lipstick from their The Only One collection. It’s a very pigmented darker red shade, but when you dab it onto the lips and blend it out with your fingers, it transforms into a bright flush of red, which is perfect if you’re looking to brighten up your lips but don’t want to go too heavy on the application!

So those are my top lippie picks for the spring! I hope you liked it; let me know what your favorite spring lip colors are in the comments below! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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