Hi there lovelies! Recently, I threw out all my super old nail polishes and started over with some new shades, so today I wanted to give a peek into my current nail polish collection!



And before we start, yes I only own Sally Hansen at the moment, but there are some Essie polishes that I’m looking at!


This is Wine Not and it’s a deep burgundy red with some shimmer in it.


This is Raisin the Bar and it’s a light frosty pink that changes color depending on the lighting. I have a love/hate relationship with this shade because sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t, haha.


I was stuck between Big Teal and Jazzy Jade but I ended up picking Jazzy Jade because it had a stronger mix of blue and green tones.


So in my opinion, these do NOT dry instantly like they claim to do, but they’re still pretty decent. I threw out a gold shade from my previous collection, but I really liked that color so I picked up Go for Gold since it’s an opaque gold like the polish I owned before.


Out of all the shades I own, Expresso has to be the one I’m currently obsessed with. I spoke about it in my April Product Review and I’m still loving it. I don’t currently have it on my nails right now, but I might switch to it for my graduation ceremony and party that’s happening in a week!


Although it’s rare for me to wear any bright clothing or accessories, I’ve realized over the years that I’m not afraid to rock bright hues on my nails (when I occasionally actually paint my nails, haha). I love a bright yellow, a bold red, and I picked up this shade called Blue Me Away because I liked how obnoxious it was. I really love this color, but I have to be in a certain mood to wear it. However, I know I’ll be wearing it sometime soon!


The last shade I have in this collection for now is called Plummet. It’s a super dark purple that shows up as black in some lighting. I think it’s a great year-round shade for pedicures and I wouldn’t mind wearing it on my nails as well in the summer. Just because society tells you not to wear dark shades in warmer weather doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

And that’s it for my current collection! I already know what colors I want to add into my collection: I want a pastel yellow and blue and I’ve had my eye on a sparkly red shade for a while now! But anyways, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow for a Wishlist Wednesday!


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