Hello lovelies! I finished my last final today and I’m officially done with college now! Let’s jump into today’s Wishlist Wednesday, which is going to be about spring dresses that I have my eye on!


If you’re new to my Wishlist Wednesday posts, the concept is relatively simple: I just go online window shopping and pick out pieces I’d like to own, although in reality I’ll probably never buy them because of the price or because I don’t really need it…but a girl can dream, right?? I have bought some pieces though!

Here are some dresses that I’m currently swooning over!


buy here

I really like the simplicity of this dress, the color, and the collar as well. This could easily be worn out during the day and dressed up for a semi-formal night out with the right accessories.


buy here

Urban Outfitters screams LA style to me, and this dress looks like something I would see a lot of Southern Californians wearing in the spring and summer. I like the color of this dress as well and the straps on the shoulder and back.


buy here

This is more of a nighttime dress, but I couldn’t help adding it in here because I do think it’s wearable during the day to a fancy brunch or a party during the day. I like how the sleeves are sheer with some shimmer and I think the fake layering effect of a camisole dress over a long-sleeved shirt is on-trend and looks classy.


buy here

I absolutely love the ruffles on this dress! I know ruffles are a trend right now and it could go out of style, but I’m feeling it. I think they add femininity to an outfit and make you feel cute and girly. The sleeves are also great if you’re insecure about your arms!


buy here

This last choice is something that’s out of my comfort zone, but it looks so interesting that I like it! Plaid is always a staple pattern, so you can’t go wrong with that, but the colors like the bright orange isn’t something that I would normally wear. The tassel trend could be a fad, but I like how it’s been incorporated into this dress and it makes the dress feel casual.

So that ends another Wishlist Wednesday! Let me know what you’ve been lusting over in the comments below! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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