Hello lovelies! Welcome to today’s Wishlist Wednesday! Today we’re going to be talking about earrings!


I’ve been loving earrings for years; they’re one of my favorite accessories besides necklaces. There have been plenty of trends over the years for earrings, from the feather trend (kind of don’t want to remember this trend haha, but it was all the rage from about 2012-2013), to the giant earring trend, and I feel like now it’s been about small, delicate jewelry as well as dangling earrings, which can also be known as drop earrings depending on the style.

I think drop earrings are a great way to dress up an outfit or to make a statement combined with a simple outfit. I used to think drop earrings were more reserved for formal events, but these days, there are lots of quirky drop earrings out there that can work for an everyday look.

So here are some earrings that I’ve been loving!


buy here

Let’s start off with something simplistic. These bar drop earrings are minimal but they can add a classy detail to an outfit.


buy here

For a quirkier look, these hand shape drop earrings definitely make a statement.


buy here

For another simple yet interesting accessory, these circle drop earrings can make an outfit look chic and even a little edgy depending on the style you’re going for.


 buy here

These earrings from Anthropologie are technically hoop earrings, but I think they come down enough to be drop earrings as well. I should really try to incorporate colors into my accessories but I like how they’re clear.


buy here

Lastly, I picked out these earrings because I really like geometric shapes, especially triangles and diamonds. This is another example of a simplistic design that make a statement.

So that’s what made it onto my wishlist today! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow!


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