Welcome to another week on betweenthehangers! Today, I had writer’s block for a makeup post so I came up with a possible new series. Keep reading if you want to see it!

I’m going to be calling this series Moody Monday! It’ll include a moodboard of what I’ve been liking visually and I’ll add some of my current thoughts at the moment. The format of these will probably change from time to time since this will be a more artistic series, but I hope you’ll like it anyways!



as i sit inside these four walls, i stare at the window with a view to nowhere, wishing for an endless skyline instead of a red picket fence that traps and contains me



i struggle with what to do and what to become

i want to find an art to immerse myself in, i want to spill myself onto page after page so i can waste paper and paints instead of time


looking in the mirror, i don’t recognize the stranger staring back

it seems i’ve put up a be back later sign but there’s no sign of me coming back anytime soon


i’d rather get lost in other’s stories so i don’t have to stare at the blank pages in mine


maybe i left myself in a place i’ve never been

maybe if i run far away, i’ll find myself



but as i sit inside these four walls, i’m not sure where to begin, and that’s my dilemma



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*photos found from tumblr*

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