Hi lovelies! Today I’m back with another outfit of the day, so keep reading if you want to see it!



This look was inspired by an old t-shirt I found. As you can see, the top says “Tommy’s Girl.” This was a shirt I wore when I was much younger and I thought it would be cute and funny to wear since it’s obviously meant for kids.


Top – Tommy Hilfiger

I still feel like I’m in between the period of time when you’re not a kid but you’re not an adult either. When I was growing up, the line seemed so much clearer. The bigger people were obviously grown-ups.

But now that I’m one of those bigger people that the little me used to look up to, I realize I’m nowhere near being a real grown-up.


Hoop earrings – Forever 21

“Adulting?” What a joke. Just because you can keep yourself [mostly] clean and fed doesn’t mean you’re an adult. There’s so much more to life, which means there’s so much more to stress out about. What about my career and salary? What about relationships and friendships? What about insurance and doing your taxes and checking your tire pressure?



This shirt, to me, embodies the irony of what it’s like to be my age, especially in today’s world. I’m in my 20’s wearing a girl’s t-shirt; I feel like a kid in a grown-up’s world.


In order to further the paradox even more, I decided to try to make this outfit look “seductive” by wearing a red lipstick and gold hoop earrings.


Sneakers – Converse

Then I finished off the casual look with dark wash high-waisted jeggings and sneakers.


Besides what I think this shirt symbolizes to me at the moment, I’m also a fan of Tommy Hilfiger. I’ve been wearing his clothes since I was little (obviously, haha). But I’ve always liked his clothes.


Overall, I think this is a cute, casual outfit and I had a lot of fun playing with the juxtaposition of a girl’s shirt and adding grown-up details to it.


This is a perfect daytime outfit to hang out with friends or a full day of errands because why not!


This would even make a good school outfit since everything falls in line with dress code. I’m all about the idea of versatility and the ability to have an outfit work for lots of different occasions!


Lips – ELF matte lip in Cranberry

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit post! Feel free to follow me on my social media links below; thank you so much for your support and I’ll see you lovelies next week!


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Annie is an ice cream enthusiast with a passion for fashion and beauty. In her free time, she enjoys pursuing other creative mediums such as photography and music. But usually, you can find her curled up in bed binge-watching shows #potatolife.

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